It’s no surprise that Skin-minimalism is a hot trend in the beauty industry right now. With more and more people favouring skin-led makeup and being conscious of their beauty choices, more multi-tasking products are appearing, and real skin is being shown, flaws and all.

What is Skin-minimalism?

Skin-minimalism, also known as ‘Skinimalism’, is about adopting a minimal approach to skincare and makeup. It’s all about stripping back and embracing our real skin and texture. It’s also about finding beautiful skincare products that work effectively and are multi-tasking superstars to minimise the number of items you need in your skincare toolkit… a cleansing balm that can also be used as a face mask for example.

What are the benefits of Skin-minimalism?

It minimizes potential irritation: Exposing your skin to fewer products will help reduce or control potential irritation. Using too many different actives and products can lead to irritation and disruption of the skin barrier. If you’re still looking to try actives in your skincare, you could focus on one active at a time to see how your skin reacts before trying anything else.

It’s better for the environment: Overconsumption contributes to more waste, so being more conscious and aware of what you purchase (and how much) can help our planet. Going for a more minimalist skincare routine – researching brand’s ethics before purchasing, looking for more eco-friendly packaging and not overbuying are great steps in that direction.

You can invest in more effective products: if you’re more conscious of your purchases, you can look to invest in quality over quantity. Look for more sophisticated formulations that are backed by research and are suited for your skin type and concerns. Less is more!

It gives your skin a chance to just… be: minimalizing your skincare routine can give your skin a chance to breathe and also gives you a beat to really assess how your skin is doing. If you can, once in a while, just cleanse and go back to sleep… see how your skin feels.

Will you be embracing skin-minimalism? Good skin starts with a good skincare routine and our sister site, The D.O.R. Beauty Edit, has a powerful range of skincare ingredients for all skin types to get you the best skin of your lives.