Strengthen and protect your skin as you sleep with Murad!

Strengthen and protect your skin as you sleep with Murad!

Strengthen and protect your skin as you sleep with Murad City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturiser!

The outside world can be tough on the skin, particularly during the winter months. It’s exposed to many pollutants, particularly when living in the city, which can over time, damage the skins microbiome and leave it looking dull and lacklustre… not great.

I’m always looking for something that can not only strengthen my skin as I sleep, but also protect it for the day ahead… and this anti-oxidant rich moisturiser from Murad does just this.

What’s to Love about Murad City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturiser

  • This fabulous cream is rich in anti-oxidants including vitamin c to neutralise environmental pollutants and the ageing effects of blue light from electronics.
  • It also helps to strengthen the skin barrier function and correct skin damage, evening the skin tone.
  • The Vitamin c helps to reveal glowing skin and even and plump the skin.
  • The shea butter base gives a beautiful softening effect on the skin – it is also very anti-inflammatory and great at healing… perfect to heal your skin as you sleep.

The Effects

  • It has a rich and creamy texture, one of the base ingredients is Shea Butter Ethyl Esters, which makes it rich and intensely nourishing, such a lovely texture! Even though it feels rich – it doesn’t feel heavy or like it’s clogging the skin either, it just sinks in beautifully.
  • I do feel like my skin feels softer and smoothed in the morning, I particularly like to use this when my skin is feeling a little dull to ensure that I wake up glowing!
  • I love that it protects the skin from things like blue light from electronics… as someone (like I’m sure many of you out there) I use a laptop every day for work, so knowing I’m using something to protect my skin against that is brilliant.

This cream is a lovely addition to my nighttime routine, particularly on nights that I’m not using a retinol (which by the way, should not be used at the same time due to their different ph levels).

Buy the Murad City Skin mask for £70 from Cult Beauty

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