Sustainability is very much a hot topic right now. Our waste is destroying the planet, with beauty products being one of the factors for this. With our plastic consumption through the roof and causing so much damage to the environment, brands are trying to find ways to reduce their footprint on this earth.

We’re so happy to see the high street brand and cruelty-free advocate The Body Shop stepping up and rising to this challenge by launching their own initiative to help save our environment. As a more affordable brand with an absolutely giant following, this is huge.

The initiative, in partnership with Terracycle, encourages shoppers to recycle their empties for money off products in store. By bringing in five bottles, jars, tubs, tubes or pots you will get £5 off your next purchase.

The scheme will be rolled out across the UK, Australia, Canada, France and Germany. The website states that any items brought in for recycling will be made into things like park benches and playgrounds.

You need to be a Love Your Body Club member to receive the £5 voucher, but it’s easy enough to sign up for the loyalty points system for free in store or online.

It’s so great to be seeing a well-known brand taking active steps like this… we hope more follow suit!

Find out more about The Body Shop here

Here is an Instagram post from one of the participating stores: