So maybe you have been so busy this summer that you’ve not been able to look after your skin and the result is slightly dry maybe a little bit flaky skin: I totally get it, you’ve been running from dusk till dawn and in your mind you keep thinking ‘I must exfoliate and maybe do a mask because my skin is looking a little bit dull and could do with some brightening’ but somehow that thought never gets actioned. Well don’t worry… it’s never too late for you to get your skin into its best condition ready for that summer vacation or uk staycation! With that in mind I recently tried the Doctor Goldfaden brightening transformation kit which is designed to brighten and illuminate all skin types. This cute little kit promises to help you to get your glow on.

The Brand
This brand believing harnessing the power of nature with science: they don’t believe in using synthetic ingredients so their products are free of all nasties mineral oils alcohol silicone gluten paraben… Another bonus is that they don’t test on animals and all of their ingredients are organic and natural. The power of their formulations comes from the fact that they use carefully cultivated cell actives and botanical extracts which work to repair and renew the skin.

The Ruby Crystal scrub

This is a very finely milled scrub made from ruby crystals. Because of the way it is formulated you just gently massage this over your face and neck hard and to be honest you not going to be inclined to scrub hard because you can actually feel the crystals working. I don’t often like using ‘scrub’ style exfoliators, but the texture of this reminds me of microdermabrasion and I can feel the dead cells being loosened, which I love. Afterwards my skin is left feeling super smooth and silky.

The main ingredients apart from the ruby crystals are:
Jojoba oil, seaweed extract and hyaluronic acid all of which work synergistically to increase hydration skintone and glow.
This exfoliator can be used every day according to the brand and its for use by all skin types including sensitive. Personally, I would use this every other day because it really is quite an effective exfoliator and I don’t think my combination skin requires daily use, although those with oilier skins might choose to exfoliate daily. As with all products it is best for you to decide what’s best for your skin so do a skin test and see how your skin reacts.

The Pure Start cleanser 
This cleanser is in the form of a clear gel which means that it doesn’t foam up which for those of us would like a bit of foam on our face is disappointing but it has to be said that despite not being a foaming cleanser it is a very effective cleanser. This cleanser works really well after you’ve exfoliated leaving you with really smooth silky skin and to be honest as when I first the first couple of times I used it I actually didn’t use anything on my skin afterwards I just left it to be… why? Because it just looks so healthy and glowy, it wasn’t  dry or taut… it just look like normal healthy skin. I used it with my muslin cloth and it seemed to remove the remnants of the exfoliator- dead cells. This is designed to be used day and all night and as the brand say it really does remove surface oils, dirt  and impurities.
The main ingredients are: grapefruit oil, organic red tea extract, rosehip seed oil and seaweed extract. The grapefruit oil is great for detoxing the skin the organic red tea extract is known for its anti-ageing benefits and antioxidant qualities, rosehip seed oil is a wonderful skin protector and seaweed extract is great for moisture and firming.

The Bright Eyes concentrate 
This is designed to brighten the appearance of the eye area and reduce the appearance of bags and fatigue as well as fine lines. With the other two products the results are pretty instantaneous with the eye cream I think it’s a longer term proposition so watch this space for an update in the next couple of weeks.  What I can tell you is that it felt nice going on, it was very glowy and my skin felt brightened and hydrated upon application.

My skin has been left feeling super-smoothed, polished and yes… transformed!

Buy this kit from Panache Cosmetics for £40 here