There are certain facials that those in the know will do almost anything to experience and the Lifting Facial at the Vaishaly clinic is one of them. The thing is that the mechanics of this facial are not new, in fact the use of electrical current to deliver a transformational facial has apparently been around since the 19th century.

These facials provide a workout for the skin by stimulating your facial muscles, lifting and toning and defining the contours of the face. Another benefit is that it encourages blood circulation, boosting the skins oxygen levels helping to improve elasticity and boosting glow. On the positive ageing side of things apart from lifting and toning, it can relax lines and wrinkles leaving the face smoothed and plumped.

Well, as they say the proof of the facial is in the after effects (and also in the process) so here’s what Amanda (my sister) thought of the facial …

It was my first time going to Vaishaly and it won’t be my last. I’d been neglecting my skin so I decided to have a deep cleansing facial 2 weeks prior to my treatment so that my skin would  be clean and receptive.

 On arrival I went through the perfunctory forms etc but the magic started when I lay on the bed. I felt relaxed and cocooned in my room.

 Anna started with some sensory delights. She layered delicious smelling creams, tonics and cleansers over my skin. I was in scent heaven. Then started the treatment which woke me up from my daze. I felt like what I imagine a stun gun to feel like. Thankfully she turned it down and I was fine. It was intense for me. Fully awake but fine. I asked her if it would be as effective since I couldn’t tolerate the ‘normal’ dose but she said it would be fine, she explained that we all have different tolerance levels when it comes to galvanic currents.

 Anna has a little bit of a magic touch as well and has been a therapist for over 15 years. I later found out that she’s the only reflexologist on their team. I strongly recommend that when you go for this facial book her for a reflexology treatment as well. You will be in bliss heaven floating on the clouds. It’s such an easy way to ‘self care’ yourself without taking an entire day. Perfection.

 So the real results of the facial are seen immediately. My skin looked freakin amazing! It’s really the first time I’ve seen such a visible difference which lasted for days. I can see why people are addicted to this. It’s like having some magic elixir or something  like that injected into your face. My skin was plumped, freshened, smooth and truly beautiful.

 Now this treatment isn’t new, it the tried, tested and proven facial which stands the tests of time.

 Yes, I will definitely have this again with a reflexology straight afterwards. I work hard and even if I didn’t… I deserve it and so do you.”

 So Beauties, as you can see this facial is results driven and is perfect whether you have a special occasion or you simply want to give your skin a boost. I’d love to know if you decide to try it.

Available at Vaishaly Clinic  costing £125 for 55 minutes or £175 for 80 minutes


amanda before and after