It was on a hot summer evening that we were fortunate to find ourselves at the 25th year celebration event for the iconic Egyptian Magic that took place in the stylish Charlotte Hotel, in Central London.

The lovely team introduced us to the brand, which has to be one of the most interesting ones since they started in 1991 with only one recipe for this magic cream and stuck to it until today.

It all started in the U.S, where Mr. Howard, the founder of the brand collaborated with an Egyptian doctor who would reveal a very special formula for a unique cream that would be a healing balm for any skin related condition.

Before spilling the beans about the actual cream, let me just add that the company is very low profile and they pretty much prefer growing organically on the market, through word of mouth and social media rather than spending fortunes on paid advertising campaigns.

Egyptian Magic is handmade, all the 6 ingredients are natural and because of their ancient heritage have also a spiritual dimension: Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Bee Propolis & Divine Love. No additives, preservatives, fragrances, chemicals nor parabens, not tested on animals.

It is a highly tolerated cream, although not appropriate for vegans because of the bee products found in it.

What it’s good for? Pretty much everything!

Focusing on what it does to your skin, it is very helpful as a solution for: removing your make-up, moisturizing you skin, taming your split ends, lip balm,  cuticles, it’s good for sunburns, chemical burns, oven burns, helps with psoriasis, healing cracked elbows and dry patches.

Keeping that in mind, you can easily imagine all the the celebrity buzz around Egyptian Magic – the likes of Kate Hudson, Madonna, Eva Mendez, Cameron Diaz, Rooney Mara to name a few are loyal customers and all swear by it.

Actually, legend says that the first ever ‘celeb’ to wear it was Cleopatra herself, since it is claimed that the present formula was the exact same formula for a cream found in ancient Egyptian tombs.

Another highlight of the event was fabulous Kenneth Soh, international make-up artist and Egyptian Magic fan who shared his passion for this product, demoing ways to get a fab glossy lid or use this lovely cream as a highlighter.

The texture is very fine and it blends easily leaving a subtle glow on the skin. It doesn’t have any smell and it doesn’t slide off your face and it serves as a nice mixing medium for make-up products.

So knowing so much about this brilliant product already it is time for you beauties to test it out! Wow Beauty surely loves it!

Viorela xx

Buy Egyptian Magic Cream for £29 from Boots here