I am always inspired when I come across a product that surprises me with its ability to make me sit up and take notice. Vanderohe No 1 nourishing face serum is one such product.

I love face serums and I love face oils and I love it when my serum comes in the form of an oil. I really do. Vanderohe Nourishing Face Serum is one of those. I’ve come across and used many lovely serum/oil hybrids, many of which I still use, but let me be absolutely crystal clear here: this is not just any hybrid, it’s a damn seductive and addictive hybrid that compels you to want to use it over and over again. It’s one of those products that you don’t want to have on display in your bathroom or dressing table in case someone sees it and wants to try it… you want to keep every precious drop to yourself (I told my sister about it and allowed her a sniff and annoyingly her eyes lit up and she started waxing lyrical about ‘energetic’ it was, which ultimately led to me lending it to her to try for a couple of days … which turned into a week! I kept saying ‘I need my Vanderohe back’ and she kept saying ‘I know’…)

Vanderohe is one of those complex formulations that proves that an oil is not just an oil… ever. This bottle of pure alchemy is not a beauty oil in the classic sense of the word, it is the mind body and spirit elixir.

There are so many organic/holistic face oils popping up which is a delight to see, but the thing is that not all of these oils are created equal. A simplistic view would be that an oil formulation is simply a blend of different aromatherapy and plant seed oil in a carrier oil and anyone can make them, but it’s not the case so let’s forget that view: sadly some formulations are made from poor quality oils.

What’s to love:
In a nutshell… pretty much everything about it. The ingredients, the scent, the texture and of course what it does for the skin.

Here’s why I love it:

As soon as you open the bottle and inhale the pureness of the ingredients, they start to work on you, they start to envelop you … it’s like apart from the initial pleasure of smelling pure rose, lavender and other yummy oils, this oil goes deeper and seems to tap into the part of the brain that deals with moods and emotions, creating a calm euphoria this is due to the sheer power of organically sourced ‘active’ essential oils. So before you’ve even touched it, it starts to transform your mood.

Next is the sensual pleasure of using it:

When you put a few drops in your hands the feel of the/oil is expensive. I like holding it up to my face and taking a few deep breaths before I start to press it into my skin. It appeals to most of the senses – touch, visual with its golden colour and smell, you can actually feel the quality of the oil.

My skin is emotional. What that means is that although I have pretty good skin, it can look duller than usual when I’m tired or unwell. Vanderohe provides your skin with what it needs it works on many levels: it smooths, it is glow enhancing, it balances, it can help with pigmentation issues as well as sensitive skin issues: whatever your skin needs Vanderohe can pretty much deliver while giving your spirit a boost too.

A little science…

It is a fact that aromatherapy oils can affect our moods so while the frankincense oil smells sublime and also helps to encourage inner calm and can help to centre us. The lavender, which we all know and love, gets its ability to calm and balance us because it contains linalool a substance known for amongst other things its ability to reduce our stress response and improve our sleep, we also get a dose of linalool in the rose oil. It also appears in ylang ylang, geranium and coriander oils.

I recently used my precious serum as part of a ‘less is more’ makeup shoot and Anita my model is now in love too. All that I have to say now is Dear Olivia, please create some more amazing products.

Denise xx

Vanderohe No 1 Nourishing face serum £88 from Vanderohe.com