The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company is a small Scottish company that specializes in natural skin care, all based around Shea butter. The range started with their pure body butter for babies, which can be used by anyone with sensitive skin or condtions like eczema and the range expanded to include a range of beautifully scented body butters products, to shaving cream for men and lip balm. We came across them at the recent Anti Ageing Show and being Shea butter addicts we had to purchase some products. 

IMG_2440 (2)The Lavender and Frankincense Anti-Ageing Formula Body Butter and also the Geranium and Sweet Orange Luxury Lip Balm. The good thing about these products is that they have no artificial fragrance oils, no preservatives and no colourings, so they are completely au naturel.


 The Lavender and Frankincense body butter is made up of organic virgin shea butter, coconut oil and eco-sustainable palm oil and beeswax. A little dollop goes a long way, keeping the skin feeling very soft and floral smelling, it really smells just like walking through a lavender farm. The Frankincense in this glass jar is the element that makes it an anti-ageing formula as its astringent properties helps to combat sun spots and micro wrinkles.


The consistency of this body butter is quite runny, it’s not the thick balmy version that one would always get with a body butter, and hence, it makes application really easy and hassle-free. This product is 320grams/100ml and retails for £15 on their website.

Coconut oil, Scottish beeswax, cocoa butter then scented with the geranium and sweet orange essential oils comprised makes up the Geranium and Sweet Orange Luxury Lip Balm. The citrusy smell upon whiffing makes me want to apply it all over my lips.

IMG_6655_1The consistency of this is more of a solid balm, where you would have to swirl your fingers in the pot a couple of times to pick up some product. However, I find that if you rub the product against two finger tips, it helps warm up the product thus breaking it down making it easier to apply on the lips.

My sister Amanda tried the body scrub and this is what she thought:

Here’s an interesting point: did you know, that all of their products use no water in the manufacturing process? This means that these products have an extended shelf life and will last longer than your average product. They say “We use only the finest natural ingredients in our products including golden beeswax and honey from selected Scottish Bee Keepers. Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, certified eco-sustainable Palm Oil, organic virgin unrefined Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Cocoa Butter, organic Avocado Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Hemp Oil and hand picked nettles amongst other gorgeous ingredients. ”

You can check out their website.