Wow Beauty Loves: April 2021

Wow Beauty Loves: April 2021

Beauties, what have you been loving recently? As you know, we’re always trying out new products and we love talking about them… here are some of  ones that we’ve really loved this month. You may also see them in upcoming reviews – but here’s a sneak peek at ones that really caught our eye. These are our Wow Beauty Loves for April. 

Jessica’s Picks…

anita grant

Anita Grant – Latte Vanilla Daily Leave in Butter

Working from home is still very much prevalent at the moment and so is more low-key makeup and haircare… so recently, I’ve found that the main thing I’m doing to my hair on a daily basis is just adding a little of the Anita Grant’s leave in conditioner to my ends just to add some moisture and shine. Coffee lovers will adore the scent of this and it leaves the hair feeling so soft, shiny and moisturised.

Buy the butter from Anita Grant

pinch of colour

Pinch of Colour Honey Silk Waterless Tint  Waterless tint

For those days where I just want a touch of coverage to even out redness, I love to use the Pinch of Colour Waterless Tint. It just melts into the skin and gives subtle coverage without being too much or too little… perfect for a low-key day out.

Buy the Pinch of Colour Tint from Fenwick

Denise’s Picks…

fulvic acid

FUL.VIC.HEALTH Fulvic Acid Elixir

So I’ve been taking this elixir for about 3 weeks and one of the first things that I noticed from the beginning is an increase in energy….not a manic ‘high’ energy but more of a consistent type. Fulvic acid is naturally found in the humus (organic matter) part of soil and peat.  Fulvic acid has been well studied for its effects on Immunity building and inflammation, as well as improving energy levels & gut health.

Buy the Elixir from Victoria Health

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