I don’t know about you but I’m always keen to try out a new body moisturizer..in fact I often have 2 or 3 different products in use at a time. I really enjoy the process of getting a new product, reading about what it’s meant to do and then trying it out to see if it actually does it. For me the big test apart from making sure that it smells great, is whether at the end of the day my skin is still looking as good as it was when I first moisturized in the morning, and this is especially important now that winter is really beginning and my layers are piling on.

This body cream by Beauty Works west is lovely. It comes in lovely packaging, It looks lovely, it smells lovely and it does a really lovely job! This is a proper cream, that is actually quite light [ in fact when I first tried it I thought that it was going to be too light ] but don’t let that fool you. This cream is packed with skin nourishers like shea butter, Cocoa seed and essential oils. It also contains mangosteen fruit, Calendula and Pomegranate extracts which are antioxidants good for protecting the skin from premature ageing.

It has no chemical nasties and is suitable for vegetarians.

This cream is called an anti ageing body cream, but anyone can use it because it is just lovely!


Available from www.beautyworkswest.com 225ml for £20.00