Wow Beauty Loves: February 2021

Wow Beauty Loves: February 2021

Beauties, we’re always testing out new products and we love talking about them… so here are some that we can’t wait to share with you and that have been ones that we’ve really loved this month. You may also see them in upcoming reviews – but here’s a sneak peek at ones that really caught our eye. These are our Wow Beauty Loves for February!

floral street perfume

Floral Street Discovery Set

I’ve been wanting to get into perfume properly for a while now and thought this was a great way to start… a set of different scents so I can try different things I may not have necessarily tried on my own. It’s a great little intro to their perfumes. I’m really enjoying trying different floral scents.

The brand is also an independent British brand so love that too.

Buy the discovery set from Floral Street

As I Am Smoothing Gel

This is a really lovely hair gel. It is fortified with Aloe Vera, Sugar Beet Root and Wheat Protein and has a very smoothing effect on the hair – leaving the curls looking smoothed, glossy and defined.

Really want to try their curling jelly!

Buy the As I am Smoothing Gel

as i am smoothing gel
pixi highlighter

PIXI Glow-y Gossamer Duo – Subtle Sunrise

This is such a beautiful highlighter! I love that there’s a duo so you can either use one or the other or mix them together for a custom shade.  You can build it up for that wet, glowy look that is just stunning! It looks beautiful on the cheeks and is wonderful as an inner corner highlight too.

Buy the Pixi Highlighter

Denise’s Picks… 

Wow Beauty’s Affirmation Mug

This is where we give ourselves some love….so here’s our affirmation mug! Seriously what better way to remind yourself of your magnificence than to affirm it every time you drink out of your mug?
centered root treatment

Centered Detoxifying Scalp Treatment

There is nothing worse than a dry, itchy and flaky scalp and finding a suitable solution can be tricky, but this scalp oil delivers. This is an impressive blend of oils that are known for their ability to stimulate and tone the scalp, revitalising the follicles, detoxifying and nourishing…such as rosemary, peppermint, hemp, tea tree etc…this is designed as a pre wash to be massaged into the scalp. It works.

Buy the scalp treatment

Malee Conditioning Body Cream

It’s days like this that, when there’s a hint of spring in the air that make me reach for uplifting body care products like this simply gorgeous body cream. This is scented with the signature Malee ‘Verdure’ fragrance which is composed of citrus, mint and patchouli and is so joyous. Of course the other bonus is that it leaves your skin soft and moisturized, thanks to the inclusion of shea butter, avocado oil and wheatgerm oil. Love this.

Buy the body cream

malee body cream

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