Wow Beauty Loves: March 2021

Wow Beauty Loves: March 2021

Beauties, we’re always testing out new products and we love talking about them… so here are some that we can’t wait to share with you and that have been ones that we’ve really loved this month. You may also see them in upcoming reviews – but here’s a sneak peek at ones that really caught our eye. These are our Wow Beauty Loves for March. 

Denise’s Picks…

anita grant

Anita Grant Dry Body Oil

Who doesn’t like products that are as pretty as they are effective? Well, this dry body oil contains Neroli essential oil combined with pretty of Rose Buds all in a Coconut oil base. This dry oil has a silky texture, it leaves your skin smelling lovely and of course it moisturises too. Oh and you can use it on your hair as well. Love this!

Buy the dry body oil for £20.40

Olverum Body Oil  

This nourishing body oil became a favourite of mine soon after it launched (I’ve reviewed it in the past here) because it’s the perfect accompaniment to the legendary Olverum bath oil. During lockdown I found myself indulging in aromatherapy-based products even more than usual and this body oil along with the bath oil have become even firmer favourites because the scent is just so soothing and rather addictive. This is a blend of over 30 different essential oils and many of them asking nourishing oil is packed with antioxidants so not only is your skin left scented but it’s left nourished too, if you haven’t tried Olverum yet you need to try it now.

Buy the body oil for £42

olverum the body oil

Jessica’s Picks…

lolas lashes

Lola’s Lashes Magnetics Lashes ‘Love Letter’ 

These are a gamechanger for anyone who struggles with false lashes! All you need to do it apply the eyeliner that comes with the mascara (as without it, they won’t work) and then the lashes just snap right on… amazing! You can read my full review on our website including a video showing how they work… fabulous!

Buy the kit for £35 

BeYou CBD Oral Drops

I have been struggling with my sleep for a while, mainly due to waking up in the night needing the loo. I think the root of the issue is inflammation in the body, so I decided to try CBD for their wellbeing and health benefits.

Within a week, I was sleeping better and waking up less, which was wonderful!

Full review coming soon!

Buy the drops for £19.99

beyou cbd oral
flora and curl foam

Flora and Curl Volumizing Foam

I’ve been a mousse girl since a teenager and can be quite particular with my mousse…but I’ve been hearing great things about using a foam over a mousse because it gives hold as well as shine without the sometimes drying ingredients included in a traditional mousse.

This Flora and Curl foam is wonderful, it feels light but also gives a great hold and works well with the gels that I use. It still gives a strong hold but it is also lovely and moisturising too.

Buy the foam for £17 

(*PR gift/sample)

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