Bare faced beauty is all the rage for spring summer, but don’t be fooled by the name, it actually takes a little effort to carry it off to perfection.
Here are some quick tips….
* It’s absolutely vital to ensure that your skin is in good condition, it really is all about skin! keep it well moisturised especially if you are prone to dry skin. Exfoliate regularly to eliminate any rough patches as this can affect the finish of your chosen base whether its a tinted moisturiser or foundation.
* The modern formulas are amazing, providing coverage and luminosity at the same time. These products are designed to provide sheer cover and can be applied with the fingers (which is often preferred) or with a brush. It’s sometimes helpful to warm your hands first to help the product to sink into the skin.
* You can also experiment with a primer, which is a great tool for prepping your skin and creating a flawless base.
* We are spoilt for choice with the  wide range of  BB creams and CC creams available, so take care to select one that suits your particular skin type ….there are some oil free formulas best for oily skin or humid condition, there are some that are better suited for dry skins…choose well.
* if your skin needs a little more than a tinted moisturiser can offer, don’t despair as there are some amazing new foundations available that are sheer, light and skin perfecting, so they are perfect for helping you to achieve the ‘bare faced beauty’ look.
Denise Rabor