I love body moisturisers and those that contain the word butter or balm are particularly alluring, as somehow there’s the implied promise of extra deep moisturising for my skin and let’s face it now that winter is officially here we need all the soothing and smoothing that we can get.
These Berry Butters tick all of those boxes. First of all they are luscious and the most of them smell good enough to eat. Secondly the ingredients of Shea butter,coconut oil, vitamin E and jojoba oil are perfect for moisturising and nourishing the skin, especially dry or dehydrated skin. Thirdly a little goes a long way! I gave these to some fab women who are always keen to try a product, especially if it promises good moisturising …and the results were unanimous ..these butters are a winner: of course they moisturise but they also leave your skin nourished and feeling supple with a healthy glow.
The other great thing about these is that with such nourishing ingredients, you can use the unscented butter on your scalp and to moisturise your hair!
These come in a wide range of fragrances: some are fruity like ‘cucumber melon’ and others are more perfumed like ‘Billie Holiday’ which is Gardenia scented or softer like ‘Paris Rain’ which is a light floral.
Whichever you choose you’ll be super soft, scented and satisfied.
Available from www.atbar.co.uk for £9.99 for 4oz