I recently picked up the Korres Wild Rose mask, which promises to smooth fine lines, soften the skin and increase natural radiance as I wanted to give my skin a bit of a boost over the winter period. Here are my thoughts!

The mask goes on like a thick moisturising cream and dries clear. I liked the sweet, rose scent and it washed off easily with a warm cloth. I have quite dry skin with some texture so I was excited to see if this made any difference to my skin. It left my skin looking brighter and the texture does feel smoother – the skin even felt a little tighter so it would be great as an anti-ageing mask – the rose extract in this mask is fantastic for anti-ageing. It wasn’t as hydrating as I would have hoped, I felt the ‘smoothing’ aspect of this mask more than anything. This product also contains alpha hydroxyl acids which may increase skin sensitivity to the sun – so it’s recommended that you limit sun exposure and use sunscreen for a week after use.

This is certainly more of an intensive mask, so don’t use it more than once or twice a week. You’ll feel a slight tingle, which is what is expected with peeling AHA formulas, but I was able to keep it on for 10 minutes without any real discomfort. The 10% AHA in this will leave your skin more sensitive to light and it certainly feels a little tingly on the face, but it’s perfect to use in the winter when you’re less exposed to the sun and it should be followed up with an SPF. I have enjoyed using this mask and if you’re looking for something anti-ageing and smoothing, give this a try.

Available for £26: http://www.feelunique.com/p/Korres-Wild-Rose-Peeling-Mask-AHA-10-40ml

Jessica xx