This product is AMAZING period. It’s literally changed my skin. The quality of my skin, the vibrancy of my skin is visibly different. Now don’t be fooled, I really take care of myself.. I eat well, take oils,  I only drink water and alcohol (from time to time of course) and I try to exercise blah de blah.
My previous regime was pretty good. I’ve used mostly Clarins serums, creams and tonics, Vitage Vit C Serums. I use a Clarsonic with Creme de la mer face wash and like I said, it’s a pretty good regime.
When I reluctantly started using this product, I say reluctantly because my sister Denise had to really push me into trying something new and giving up my Clarins serum. Eventually I decided to try it and what I found is that the Essence really seems to work at revealing a deeper level of impurity which I didn’t know was there. And that’s after my regular cleansing process.

So I started by using the Lotion, and then I used the Essence and then the Cream. By day 4/5 my sister asked me if I’d changed something, (I didn’t tell her I was using it yet). I told her I was, but that I was still using my beloved Clarins serum too. She told me to be true to the test and just do it, so I did.
After 10 days, my skin was literally glowing and after 3 weeks, I just can’t live without it and I can’t return it until I have my own. I LOVE IT.

Now when I steam, my skin glows. Gone is the dry, dull complexion, and in is my new found beauty. I’ll be using this from now on if you hadn’t gathered and I’d urge you to try it.
The Up side: it’s come into my life at a time when I’m in optimum health and it’s really complimented me. I consider my skin sensitive and it’s been fine. My skin care regime has been a bit crap (my friend was horrified that I didn’t remove makeup or even cleanse at nights. She told me that she always cleansed even if she was piss drunk….) Oops! Now my sister knows the truth too!
The Down side: Only that my dull complexion now needs a compact to help dull the new shine I have.  I’m like a light bulb. (see selfie) Oh and that the names are a bit annoying in that what I would call a toner is called a lotion and what I’d call a serum is an Essence, but I can overlook that. :-)

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Resveratrol Lotion (£43.00) is an ultra-hydrating toner which makes skin smoother and more resilient.  The powerful properties of resveratrol, combined with cereal extracts, help to boost skins natural moisture barrier and protect against environmental damage.  The light, water-like texture allows for rapid absorption into the skin and prepare it for booster and moisturiser.

Resveratrol Essence (£43.00) is a deeply hydrating super booster which reduces the appearance of fine lines for a smoother skin.  Simply pat the serum into cleansed and toned skin prior to moisture.

Resveratrol Cream (£43.00) is an intensive, age-defying moisturiser with a thick, luxurious texture.  As well as providing total hydration for a more ‘plumped’ looking skin, the cream boosts the skins natural moisture barrier.

All DHC skincare products are fragrance-free, paraben-free and suitable for sensitive skin.