Let’s be honest …hand cream is one of those items that we repeatedly buy ….and for many of us it’s not even a question of having finished the last wonder cream….it’s probably more the case that the sad lost remnants of other creams are lost somewhere in our cars, bags and desks!
I’m always keen to try a hand cream, especially one that promises to moisturise, nourish, protect and improve the look of my hands….WITHOUT leaving a greasy residue. So meet Trind; Trind promises all of the above and so far it delivers. Now of course the way that any skin product works depends on the condition of your skin. If your hands are very dry and parched then it may take a little longer for you to see results, so be patient.
This cream contains ingredients that promote the natural production of vitamin F. Vitamin F is the building block for new skin cells. It’s also packed with antioxidant vitamins A, C and E complex which help to protect those new skin cells from oxidants. This cream is a little deceptive because it is quite light in consistency, and once applied soaks into your skin quickly, you could almost forget that you applied it, but your hands do look and feel much better as it has a moisturizing effect, which makes the skin hold the moisture much longer. Oh yes….and it smells good too…nothing too strong or overpowering, just nice.
3191ZCF66pL._SY355_Available at www.trind.com/uk £13.95
For those of you whose hands are in need of a little more TLC there is the Trind Softening Hand mask with caring lotus extract. This is packed with skin nourishing goodies like Macadamia nut oil, smells lovely and after 5 minutes or so leaves your hands silky soft.
trind-softening-hand-mask-75-mlAvailable at www.trind.com/uk £13.95