Beauties, another month has passed and of course, we’re back with another Star Picks.

Here are some products that we’ve been enjoying this month (although the month seemed to fly by supremely quickly, I must say!).

What have been your favourite products recently? Will you be adding any of these to your Christmas list of your as one of your Black Friday purchases? Also… what do you think of our new look for the Star Picks?

Saint Iris Adriatica’s Cleansing Duo – the Every Body Energy Cleanse and the Serenity Salve

The formula for the Energy cleanse is very much like a cleansing elixir as opposed to a typical body wash as such because it doesn’t really foam up, the brand suggest Mix with cold water and sweep firmly over the body towards the heart to boost circulation and lymphatic drainage Now if you are a foam lover then this may take some getting used to – if you are a lover of clean hydrated and silky soft skin then you’ll love this sensory experience.

The lotion continues the sensory journey with its lush fragrance and silky texture. It is easily absorbed and leaves your skin hydrated and deliciously scented.

Primal Beauty’s Black Soap Shower Creme

I came across this brand at indie beauty expo and they kindly gave me some products to try. This uk based brand uses ingredients sourced from west Africa and the Caribbean. This invigorating Black soap shower cream includes silk amino powder in its blend as well as lemongrass and I have to tell you that it smells heavenly! The brand say that it is particularly good for dry sensitive skins, and I’ll say that I love how clean and soft it leaves my skin.

IMAGE SKINCARE’s Balancing Cleanser

The first thing I loved about this was the scent (yes, shallow I know) and it was the first thing I noticed when trying out this cleanser. The cleanser has a gel consistency, but it’s not overly sticky, and I feel like you can feel the aloe vera base in this product. It’s quite a soothing product whilst also cleansing the skin really nicely. A joy to use

Henua Organics Beautifying Toner

This Scandinavian brand is the perfect combination of beauty and brains. The beauty is in their beautiful aesthetic… inspired packaging and the fact that each product is accompanied by some thoughtful phrases… the kind that make you pause for a #mindfulmoment Love that! Of course it’s more than just aesthetically pleasing …the Brains comes from the fact it’s an organic brand whose mission is to utilise the best active botanical ingredients to create luxurious skincare. Period. This means No water, no fillers. “ Instead, bottles are filled with active and high-performance ingredients.  I love the fact that they are consciously working to save the planets water. Not only  is it beneficial for the skin but also ecological, some of the high-performance, natural anti-ageing ingredients that they use include birch sap, oat, lingonberry, pine bark, sea buckthorn and rose oil to feed and nourish the skin.
This beautifying toner literally feeds your skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated and radiant.