We’re excited to share with you our latest monthly round-up! We’re always testing out new products and we love talking about them… so here are some that we can’t wait to share with you and that have been ones that we’ve really loved this month. You may also see them in upcoming reviews – but here’s a sneak peek at ones that really caught our eye. These are our Star Picks for October!

V10 Plus Water Based Peel

I met the lovely founder of this brand at a recent ZEN pharmacy launch event, where she was demonstrating her brand and this water-based exfoliator really caught my eye: basically you wash your face dry it and then you apply this exfoliator which is like a gel leave it on for a few seconds and then gently massage your face and voilà all this dead skin starts to come off you! Then rinse and you’re left with super smooth exfoliated skin, love this. 

Goldfaden Detox Clarifying Facial Wash

Apart from really effective body lotions, the other thing that I am always looking out for is a really good cleanser from my combination oily skin, and I have to be honest and say that over the last year I discovered a handful of cleansers that my skin is loving and this Goldfaden foam wash has now become one of them. Basically, it leaves my skin super clean and smooth and refined without stripping it or leaving it feeling tight.


Colourpop Bit-O Sunny Ultra Blotted Lip

Oh how Jessica wishes that Colourpop had a store in the UK…  this brand is absolutely amazing with such a great price point to match.

This American brand has become a firm favourite of hers, with absolutely gorgeous eyeshadows and also amazing liquid lipsticks. This one is their Blotted Lip formula – it’s a thin consistency but has wonderful coverage and once it applies it feels like nothing on the lips and DOES NOT BUDGE.


Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Concealer

This is Jessica’s favourite concealer at the moment as it leaves you with just beautiful skin. It’s quite a thin formula, so it blends into the skin beautifully, illuminating the skin but not looking like you’ve applied a heavy amount of product under the eyes. It just looks natural – some concealers can sometimes look chalky under the eyes, but this never does even when you apply a thicker amount. It’s not a completely full coverage concealer, but it gives me the look that I want and does so incredibly well without being oily or creasing. Gorgeous.


Superfacialist Vitamin C

This cleanser from Superfacialist is addictive – firstly because it smells of citrus fruits, so that you almost want to lick it off of your hands and secondly because it’s an oil cleanser which means that you get a sensory experience, as well as a brightening cleanse. Since I got my hands on this I’ve used it daily and I don’t think I’ll be stopping anytime soon. I find that it works best when double cleansing as a first cleanse.

How to use: Dispense onto hands and massage gently into the face. Add warm water to transform oil into a milky lotion and rinse off. Do not add water until ready to rinse off.


Olverum The Body Oil

I fell in love with Olverum bath oil a couple of years ago so much so that it is an important member of my bath collection. So you can imagine my delight at discovering (well actually maybe you can’t imagine my delight at discovering a new body treat) that this legendary brand have created a body oil – and not just one body oil but to a nourishing rejuvenating body oil and a dry oil. I have had the pleasure of trying the nourishing rejuvenating body oil which is perfect for little bit of mindful skincare thanks to its blend of 30 essential oils and botanicals and its ability to lift your spirits with its gorgeous aroma. Oh yes and let’s not forget that it softens and nourishes your skin as well. Love it! Watch this space for a full review.


The Afro Hair & Skin Co Awaken Body Oil

Ibi does it again! This time by adding this gorgeous body oil to her growing collection of must-have products. Actually, this is a mind and body oil designed to encourage the practice of self-care thanks to its gentle but powerful aroma and its luscious blend of Bitter Orange Blossom (Neroli) which supports faster healing of skin and the powerful antioxidant Lime Peel Oil. 


Lux 79 Balm

Wow! This is a word that I use quite often and I’m using it here because this is definitely a wow body product for me! The one product that I’m always searching for is a really good “ticks all the boxes” body lotion… You know something that moisturises, nourishes and improves the quality of my skin without leaving my skin with a greasy or oily film and LUX 79 is it. 

Thanks to a magic formulation include goodies like shea butter and lactic acid. Watch this space for a full review.

Superfacialist’s Vit C Cleansing Oil is £10.99 from Boots

Afro Hair & Skin Co Awaken Body oil is £21.50 from Afro Hair & Skin Co

Colourpop’s Bit-O Sunny Ultra Blotted Lip is $6 from Colourpop (US shipping and customs apply)

Goldfaden’s Cleansing Foam is £32 from SpaceNK

79 Lux Moisturising Balm – coming soon!

Olverum’s The Body Oil is £40 from Feel Unique

Laura Mercier’s Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Concealer is £24 from Space NK

(*PR gift/sample)