Isn’t it funny how something unlikely becomes a bit of a ‘ thing’? And becomes a thing that you start to really like? Well that’s how I feel about lip oils; at first I thought …”why are they bringing out lip oils, what is the point and why would I want oil on my lips?” But now having tried a few I get it. They are generally really moisturising and nourishing plus many of them contain ingredients that work to repair long term problems with dryness and dehydration, which can lead to cracking and fine lines! Another bonus is that they feel really good on the lips and because they are lightweight they can feel more comfortable than traditional lip balms and glosses plus they are sheer and non sticky , and many of them are tinted so give a lovely tint to the lips, so they are great if you’re not really keen on lipstick or if you just want great looking lips without much colour. This is a win win product!

The one thing that this trial proved to us is that which product you like really is a matter of personal taste; Three of us tried them and all had different favourites 😜

Clarins Instant light lip comfort oil is the thickest of the oils in this selection and I like it a lot. It’s packed with plant oils including:

Hazelnut oil which nourishes, plumps and softens the lips: Organic jojoba oil which also nourishes and adds a silky sheen to the skin without feeling greasy and soothes the lips whilst enhancing their natural beauty: Mirabelle oil (for honey shade): helps prevent dehydration and leaves the skin supple and satiny-smooth: Raspberry oil (for raspberry shade): nourishes, protects the lips from ageing and possesses anti-oxidising properties.

Once you put this on, it lasts for several hours and your lips feel & look great! As I said this is the thickest oil that we tried, which I really liked because it feels substantial like a lip balm, however Armani and Grace liked it the least because they found it heavy.

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This is one of my personal favourites and I reviewed it a few weeks ago…you can read it here /its-all-about-skin/wow-beauty-tried-zelens-lip-treatment-oil/

This oil is described as a “Supreme Age Defying Lip Treatment” containing 9, I repeat “9 plant oils infused with powerful botanicals, vitamins and peptides”: seriously, how could you not be seduced by the ingredients list alone? The Hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and E are all good for plumping and smoothing the skin as well as being anti oxidants.

This oil feels lovely on the lips, really smooth and silky…not quite like you’d expect an oil to feel: actually it feels more like a rich serum. Compared with the others it lasts for a couple of hours on me, so it’s tempting to keep reaching for it, but the effects last longer as it really is a treatment oil so with continued use, you need to use it less which is great because it’s the priciest.

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Yves St Laurent Volupte
This is lovely and comes in a range of sheer coulours 11 to be exact…so in terms of lip oils this one has the most variety. This oil is very smooth and silky feeling and it’s designed to be nourishing and to Provide deep hydration thanks to these ingredients: Apricot Kernel Oil, Coriander Fruit Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, and Possiflora Edulis Seed Oil.
This is the most highly scented of the oils that we tried, it smells lovely and fruity, although that’s a matter of preference, as some may prefer a less obviously scented product.
Again this oil is long lasting …of course it depends on how much you lick your lips etc…Two of us liked this one, while the other didn’t like the fragrance.

The applicator on this is fabulous! It’s shaped like a pair of lips and actually makes applying the lip oil really easy with or without a mirror.
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Lord and Berry lip oil potion 

This is a clear lip treatment oil and is the favourite of Armani & Grace, who love the texture and feel of it. The brand say that – “The combinations of powerful actives and plants oil extracts work to condition lips, relieve dryness and chapping, and shield and protects against environmental elements. In addition LOP boosts skin smoothness and elevates the appearance of lip texture, shape and volume.”

It’s long lasting and leaves the lips feeling moisturised.


All of the oils that we tested  have had  a positive effect on the condition of our lips and those with persistently dry or cracked lips will really notice an improvement in the first few days of use