My name is Alex and I am 13 years old. I am deemed as plus size for my age.

I struggle on a daily basis with my weight. I hate that there are no clothes for junior plus teens and I want the world to change and see that everyone can be beautiful. My parents are helping me realise that I am healthy, fit and active. My body shape is proportional. It’s just a bit bigger than others and that’s fine and actually, I should be proud of it.

My self-image is changing in that I am realising what style of clothes suit my shape and how to dress appropriately. For example, I understand I don’t look great in a bodycon dress but an A-line dress looks good on me due to my hourglass shape.

I dream of being a signed singer-songwriter so Adele has been a huge influence on me. She has shown that true talent shines through and she is beautiful, classy and talented, why wouldn’t I want to be like her? Also, Ashley Graham from America has shown that you can look great when you are a bit bigger than most. She has changed the fashion industry in America and appeared on catwalks for the Prada, Michael Kors etc. I really hope I can do the same for the teen plus size market in this country. I feel passionate about this after being bullied about my size and receiving lovely messages of support through my singing. Nothing would make me prouder than singing in a fashion show wearing clothes from the designers for junior plus teens. I hope I can be an inspiration to others and help on their journey of self-acceptance. The earlier it happens the less chance of all the mental health problems teens are having these days.

Of course, I still have lapses in confidence but I tell myself it’s not my problem, it’s the person who judges me. I know I’m fit and healthy. I exercise at least 2 hours every day, I’m just a bit bigger than some teens my age. I tell myself that I have curves in all the right places!

My message to other teenage girls is this: We should all support each other and spread love not hate. We are all different shapes and sizes, this will never change, we just need to be happy in ourselves. Be true to yourself, don’t listen to peer pressure.

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