We reached out to our Ambassador Yann W. Tanoé to share some tips about some simple things men can do to help manage their health ahead of Men’s Health Week this month.

Working in the men’s mental health arena for a few years now, I have noticed the trending topics and aspects of men’s health that we as men need to address. We often talk about the body as a temple and I extend that understanding to the mind. The two go hand in hand and as men, we can be guilty of focusing too much on one and not enough on the other.

There are still mounting pressures on men in the media to build up their bodies physically to look more successful, appealing and desirable. As a commercial model myself, I understand this struggle and the mental implications of this pressure on men. However, this is not the only pressure. Many other pressures are felt by men nowadays… financial stresses, money worries, long working hours and merciless demands at work. Whether to own a home, whether to start a family… the list goes on. It can feel like a losing battle.

So when I think about men and health and how we as men can begin to ‘look after’ ourselves amidst this whirlwind, I think of very simple ways in which I have adapted and thrived through the most demanding and challenging times.

Have fun!

Allow yourselves to have fun, let your hair down and do the things that make you happy as often as you can! It may be even for a moment, but never underestimate the power of the moment.

Be bothered to check in with others!

This is linked to the concept of community and how as men, we can be quite lonesome creatures. Understanding the power of good friendships and wholesome male bonds can have a huge positive effect on our health.

Get checked

On a more practical level: regularly check your levels. This includes your vitamin D, cholesterol and even your testosterone levels. Men… let’s keep it real. A lot of us suffer at varying degrees of lowering testosterone levels. If unchecked, these can lead to all sorts of imbalances, including physically and sexually. Have regular checks.


Yes, just walk, whenever you have a little time, head out and walk! Just simple as that- fresh air is your surest, bestest friend. The best friend you didn’t know you needed.


And lastly, love! Yes love and by that I mean, create affirmations of love for you and those around you. This can be done in meditations, self care rituals or acts of kindness. They say you radiate whatever you are or feel into the world. As men, like I often say, embodying love is the most beautiful thing that can be shared in the world.

So here is just a little list of what I envision when I think of men’s health. I see your body and mind entwined, a temple of earthly and heavenly consciousness. Nourish it in the ways in which it speaks to you or in the way that it deserves.

Much love,

Yann W. Tanoé

Yann is a brand ambassador and commercial model for male skincare and grooming products.

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