Yesterday, Kiss The Moon, a unique and innovative sleep brand announced that they were closing after 10 years in business.  I have to admit that it was upsetting news to receive….and maybe unexpected…..although not altogether surprising. I say this because the last few years have been so very challenging for retail businesses, particularly in the beauty and wellbeing sector.

Some might say that Covid is over, but the knock-on effects are still being felt compounded by the economic meltdown of the last couple of years. We’ve witnessed so many well established, award winning, high quality beauty brands close down because of the insurmountable  challenges being faced.

A perfect storm  of consumer spending being down, higher interest rates, increased production costs combined with intense competition from mega brands and huge retailers has led to so many niche brands focused on delivering conscious beauty and wellbeing products being drowned out.

We the consumers are also culpable to a degree as many of us are seduced by the quick fix of ordering from the big shopping sites who promise next day & in some instances same day delivery. Plus we are always looking for a bargain or an offer which is not something that smaller, niche brands can provide on a regular basis.

We will miss Kiss The Moon with their powerful and unique brand of aromatherapy based sleep products. Their luxurious, beautifully presented products delivered on what they promised.

Jo and Anna have also been incredible supporters of Wow Beauty …and share our ethos of women supporting other women in business…. whether participating in our events or Jo sharing her own journey and expert sleep and wellbeing tips through the years. Their passion and commitment for beauty and wellbeing have inspired us and they will be missed.


Our mission has always been to shout out & celebrate Amazing niche brands ….and we will continue to bring them to your attention!

Denise x