It’s a new year! A new year can be an excellent time for a fresh start, to reflect back at what went well the year before and also what we’d like to change… a bit of a reset, really. As we look back at 2023 and look forward to all the possibilities 2024 can hold… it’s easy to get overwhelmed with making ‘resolutions’ that don’t hold past the first month, or even the first month of January. Sound familiar?

Resolutions don’t need to be challenging. They can be healthy habits you want to form that will make you feel good and are manageable and sustainable. Here are some achievable New Year’s goals for your wellbeing… you might already be doing them so if you are… keep it up!

Set healthy boundaries

It’s important to have healthy boundaries – both for you and those around you. These can differ from person to person and requires good communication to express your feelings to assert your needs and priorities. You’re allowed to express your own needs and prioritise your own wellbeing in situations, so try to be aware of this.

Make 2024 the year that you allow yourself to cancel plans, to have alone time, to slow down and take things off your to-do list if you need to.

Make time for you

It can be easy to get lost in busy routines and end up neglecting ourselves, but we cannot forget about looking after ourselves and self-care. Stress is often unavoidable, but making time for self-care and doing things you love can help to build up your resilience making it a lot easier to handle challenges when they come along… so make time for it! Sometimes, you just need to spend some time with yourself, to decompress… perhaps have a warm bath or take part in another self-care practice that brings you joy.

Check-in with yourself and if you feel like you need to take a break or a mental health day, do it. Make yourself a priority!

Take regular Digital Detoxes

Multiple studies have shown that increased social media and technology use has an impact on our stress, wellbeing and health. Taking a digital detox and reconnecting with the world around you can have such a positive impact on your wellbeing

Social media can have a detrimental effect on our mental health and although there are a lot of positive benefits, it’s not always the best place to turn to for some relaxation after a long day. You could even just mute notifications for the evening… that’s a great place to start.

Choose food that nourishes the mind and soul

Choose foods that make your body and mind feel good – that could mean treating yourself to the cookie you’re craving, but also keeping the balance with those leafy greens to boost your energy and immunity.

Move Daily

Desk warriors – this is for you. It’s easy to end up sat behind the desk and not getting much movement throughout the day. along with incorporating regular workouts that feel good to you, make a more conscious effort to move every day. This could include going for a quick walk at lunchtime or after work, or even as simply as getting up to stretch your legs throughout the day.

Practice self-compassion

Do you find yourself constantly judging yourself and well… giving everyone around you love, but not giving yourself the love you deserve? Self-compassion is a powerful thing and it’s time you start talking to yourself in a much more positive light!

It can be hard to quiet that inner critic, telling you what your ‘shoulds’ are and making you feel small… but instead of being your worst enemy, you need to be your LOUDEST cheerleader! Self-compassion is not self pity, or ignoring reality. Being kind to yourself is showing understanding, empathy and forgiveness… it’s about seeing the whole picture, both good and bad.

We all have within us the ability to show love care and kindness, both to others and of course to ourselves…. It takes practice, but you can turn those negative thoughts to loving and compassionate thoughts… it all starts with thinking about yourself as you would someone you love.

Be more mindful every day

It’s easy to fall into negative thought patterns, to lean towards negative thoughts and emotions. By reminding yourself of positive experiences from the day, you’re less likely to linger on your worries before going to sleep and you’ll look for the positive in the every day.

One way you could start becoming more mindful every day is by starting a gratitude journal.

Beauties… we challenge you to make your wellbeing the priority this year. You deserve it and you’ll feel the benefits in no time! I’d like you to promise to prioritise yourself; to listen to your body and acknowledge when it’s time to rest and restore. It really is vital, after all growth and success shouldn’t come at the cost of our health and wellbeing!