Cultivating the right relationship with Self and Life, is the fuel to becoming a confident single in today’s World: whether you’re looking for ‘Mr Right’ or not.

Confidence is described as “the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something”. We know that self-confidence is critical in creating a meaningful life beyond the realms of what society deems to be ‘the norm’, especially for Single Women.

Learning the art of embodied confidence is also a damn sexy trait when it comes to not only attracting the opposite sex, but creating a life you cannot get enough of!

So how do we actually cultivate it and what is the ripple effect?

Fall In Love With You Again

“What if at the deepest core of your being, you knew and FELT how valuable, loved, safe, capable, and completely free to be yourself you truly are? What if you could stop proving yourself in order to be worthy of love, care and attention? What if all of this was possible, right now without Mr Right?” 

Before you drew your sword and held that shield, to protect you from a world that hurt you, lived a deep and loving relationship with you. According to Love Coach, Jennifer Zundelthe fastest way to create a breakthrough in your love life is to get curious about how you have been creating love from the inside out”.

Cultivating an unshakable relationship with Self gives way to embodied confidence and a life that you are living for you, not in the never-ending pursuit of someone or something else. By falling in love with you again, you create a rock solid foundation for a healthy and loving relationship with Self and others to be built upon.

This Summer, focus on you by:

Chasing life: “Life NEEDS you to be fully yourself, and to become your full potential, which includes you playing your biggest game in this lifetime, and allowing yourself to have love.” Get out of your head and get into your life!

If you’re like most women, dropping into your body and heart can prove difficult in an overstimulating world that has most women avoiding their true self. You can try practices like breathwork, dance classes, cold plunging or womens circles to have you exploring those forgotten edges of you.

Detox your inner landscape: “We have to clear out the inner blocks that have been created in response to the challenges we’ve experienced in our lives. Learning how to become self-aware helps us to improve the internal dialogue to support where we are going, not where we have been!”

Therapy is sexy, don’t avoid it! Detoxing the stories that prevent you from deep connection is exhilarating. The ultimate thrill is learning how to fully express those suppressed emotions to create space, clarity, openness and curiosity about what life can be when you’re not operating with an undercurrent of resentment, rage or unfulfillment.

Drop the inner stories that have been preventing you from being the person you came here to be!

Be Brave, Pack Your Bags And Go Travel

You could spend thousands of dollars on “a piece of Paris that you wear on your arm”, or you could pack your bags, book the hotel, hop the flight, grab a croissant and mosey the cobblestone streets of Paris instead this Summer.

Sonjia Mackey is a Divine Purpose Coach as well as a proud single, influential podcaster and avid explorer of all things within our glorious world. She says “You have to give yourself permission to live a life that looks different from everyone else. Especially when you’re single!”

Society projects many unspoken norms and expectations onto single women, which clips their wings and keeps them caged, afraid of travel, afraid of alternate cultures, afraid of their own capabilities.

Many women do not travel because they have no one to travel with! Women are fearful, something that has been programmed into them. We need to learn how to become confident in who we are by trusting our instincts and intuition. Travel shows you more of who you are and builds confidence in action. What we need to do is remind women that they’re smart and capable and possess the skills to get their own information, make their own decisions and navigate this big, beautiful world we live in! When they start to believe in their own innate power, this is when fear no longer runs their life!”


Create your adventure:

1. Feed your Faith: Remember what you lose when fear wins. Truly understanding what is at stake when you let fear hold you back, can mobilize and galvanize you into taking action toward your goals and dreams.

Sonjia shares; “to be more alive, I had to be less afraid, and so I did it! I lost my fear and gained my whole life”. By pouring energy into her faith, the courage and strength she needed to chase life was created, and the rest is history.

“What you feed is the one that grows. You can choose to focus on what can go wrong or you can feed your faith, and your belief that you are a good person who deserves good things in life. Choose wisely.”

2. Don’t think, just DO: “Draw the line in the sand, make the declaration to back yourself and this one life that is yours – book the trip!”

People in general have a tendency to overthink and for ‘Paralysis Analysis’ to take over. As women, we have been taught from a young age not to trust ourselves, our desires, and our decision making abilities. Many women have been taught that they need a man to make decisions for them.

Sonjia wants you to know that learning to trust yourself again is possible. “You don’t need a man to make decisions that are right for you. When you take a stand in alignment with your desires, The Universe conspires to support you. So don’t think, just do. There is a wonderful adventure waiting out there in the world for you, and you have a fabulous life to live!”