Connect to your spirit with Kalmar

Connect to your spirit with Kalmar

I have to say I have always loved body treatments and it can be really difficult at times to find treatments that work holistically on mind body and spirit. There are treatments that are focused on easing sore muscles you know the kind, massages deep tissue or aromatherapy-based massages which are lovely but whose effects can sometimes be rather short lived, rather like putting a bandaid on a fracture. Self-care means more than that, it means going a little bit deeper with treatments that not only nurture but that also inspire change.

So imagine if there were a treatment that brought together the physical aspect as well as the healing aspect wouldn’t that be amazing?

Well the promise of such a treatment was what I was left with at the launch of the Kalmar body range and I couldn’t wait to try it.

At the Kalmar launch we heard from Karen the founder about her spiritual journey and her motivation for launching this range and the treatments that accompany it, Karen explained that she

“Wanted to create something that you give to people to help them to find a moment to connect with their soul”

Fragrance is an integral part of the Kalmar experience, as Karen said:

 “I realised how powerful scent is you smell something and immediately you are transported to a memory or you are transported to an energy”

The 9 piece body range consists of 4 main blends:

  • Joy
  • Love
  • Calm
  • Peace

Each of which is specifically designed to work on multiple levels, thanks to the inclusion of different ingredients.

  • Joy – Bergamot, lemon and ginger are designed to invigorate along with white jasmine magnolia and geranium
  • Love – Jasmine ylang-ylang and Rose combined with patchouli and musk
  • Calm – Berger Mott lavender vetiver and frankincense combine to create stillness and calm
  • Peace – the peace offering is a solid fragrance balm which harnesses the power of frankincense vetiver and bergamot amongst others perfect for harnessing inner peace.

We also had the opportunity to meet some of the therapists who by design are healer’s first and formost, each bringing a unique range of healing modalities to the treatment room such as reiki and  reflexology so that its not just your aching neck thats being explored but the possible emotional causes behind it.

Of course with my ever so slightly chaotic schedule it took a few weeks for me to finally be able to have the time to go and experience a treatment! But the day finally arrived thanks in no small part to the patience and persistence of team Kalmar and the rest of the credit goes to the power of synchronicity – me having the treatment at the time that I needed it most, I was seeking an escape a little time away from the grind and hustle – I just needed to be comforted.

My treatment was with Samantha a true healer and took place at the lovely Akasha spa at the Cafe Royal Hotel, and in truth it was like a condensed retreat…. An hour and a half of true bliss a sanctuary an escape.

Samantha’s energy was calm, soothing and welcoming and I knew immediately that I was in the right place at the right time.

We spent a few minutes discussing the various treatments and what they’re designed to help with and then Samantha explained that it is not just about massage – it includes modalities like intention setting, mindfulness and reflexology ..all of which I love! Samantha explained that each treatment has a specific intention that  is designed to help connect you to your sacred energy.

So the joy treatment is about gratitude and is meant to uplift, while the Calm treatment is all about your gut and is aimed at de stressing, Love is all about opening your heart chakra and boosting self love and last but by no means least Peace is about well…..inner peace and tranquility  – needless to say me being me, I decided that I needed every single one of the treatment in one fell swoop….ultimately mine was a bespoke blend ….and it took a lot of effort for Samantha to get me to get off of the lush treatment bed and out of what had become a soothing healing space. Will I do this again….YES.

Contact Kalmar to find out where next they’ll be offering the Kalmar experience.

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