Five mood enhancing mists

Five mood enhancing mists

Sometimes you just need an instant boost… something that works faster than a candle but equally as effective and that’s where a good mist comes in. I have to admit to being a fragrance addict in all forms… perfumes, candles and yes, I love mists!
All of the mists featured are in my personal collection and I use them according to my mood. They all smell unique and they all deliver feel-good vibes and are perfect to use for meditation, to create a sleep zone, to relax or just because…

Tisserand Total De-Stress Moodfix Mist

This mist combines essential oils of  sweet Orange, Geranium, lavender,  patchouli  and Nutmeg the perfect combination to help alleviate your stress.

Buy the Tisserand Total Destress Moodfix Mist for £12.50 from Holland and Barrett

Therapie Restore Aura Spray

I am addicted to this. I have a full size at my bedside, one on my desk and one in my handbag. It really does live up to its name and works to ground and balance.

Michelle’s Aura Mist is something we all use here at Wow Beauty to keep us grounded and focused. Just a couple of sprays of this gorgeous mist helped to calm and soothe us due to the blend of frankincense and lavender amongst other things.

Buy the Restore Aura mist for £32 from Therapie Roques O’Neil

Corrine Taylor Calm Aromatherapy Room & Linen Mist

If you love gorgeous fragrances you’ll love this lush aromatherapy room and linen mist from this fab organic brand. This really does transform any space with its lovely blend of organic patchouli, lavender and frankincense….it’s addictive! It helps you to exhale and is perfect on bedsheets too.

Buy the Corrine Taylor Calm spray for £21.95 from Corrine Taylor

Balipura Protection Spray

Protect your spirit and cocoon yourself in this beautiful aura mist from Balipura. This gorgeous mist is made with volcanic spring water, cleansed with energetic healing & infused with crystal energy. It is blended with a vibrational sound process and blessed by Balinese Priestess under the full moon.

Buy the protection spray for £17 from Balipura

The Nue Co Forest Lungs

This fragrance is designed to be like forest bathing in a bottle and is again meant to work to relieve stress and calm those anxious moments. It smells kind of smoky, woody and green and aims to smell like the compounds that trees emit that are thought to be stress busters.

Buy Forest Lungs for £78 from The Nue Co

What are your favourite mists?

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