Now be honest with me here: how often do you find yourself absolutely bewildered by the staggering amount of choice available when it comes to well-being and self-care options? As they say “the possibilities are endless” and with so many possibilities and so many people telling us what to do and how to do it, it is easy to just want to run and hide and forget about wellbeing altogether. From the ‘A’ of Aromatherapy to the ‘Y’ of Yoga (sorry I couldn’t think of anything beginning with Z ) everyone that I speak to has a miracle that has worked for them. But the thing is, wellbeing is personal. There really is no “one size fits all” which means that we all have a duty to ourselves to take the time to find out exactly what we need to be optimal selves. After all, one person’s miracle product might turn out to be my worst nightmare.

So where do you start? Well, before you go and embark on a diet that consists only of Amazonian rainforest beansprouts, how about this – listen to your body. I mean really take the time to listen and observe. This is how you start practising self-care.

So: first of all, how are you feeling when you wake up? Are you alert and perky? Are you dreary and groggy – if it’s the latter one simple trick that can boost your energy upon waking is to keep a bottle of water at your bedside, with a glass so that start your day by hydrating yourself.  Just drinking a couple of glasses upon waking can be the difference between staying in bed for an extra half-hour or getting up feeling refreshed and revitalised. The other thing to do is to keep that bottle of water on your desk at work or with you everywhere throughout the day so that you can keep yourself hydrated …water gives energy and is the cornerstone to feeling good.

Of course wellness is more than hydration: it’s about the whole you…mind, body and spirit: Its about looking at the way that we manage the stresses of our daily lives – let’s face it- we are spending a lot of time ‘switched on’ ..our brains are in overdrive and somehow many of us don’t even realise just how switched on we are. The idea of simply switching off from our emails, social media etc…has great value and allows us to think and just be…

Meditation might not be your thing, but making time for daily reflection could be the difference between feeling frazzled or focused as you commence your day & as you progress through it. The thought of Yoga might leave you stone cold but power walking, Pilates or boxing might just be your thing. 

My point is this: this Global Wellness Day take a mindful moment or two to think about your wellbeing and what you can do to improve it.

D x