Happy international Womens day!
I’m focused on celebrating, highlighting and supporting other women….not just today but everyday.

I love the Maya Angelou quote that says “I am grateful to be a woman, I must’ve done something great in another life”… it really does say everything about how I feel about being a woman despite the challenges that we face on a daily basis.I love it and I love any opportunity to celebrate women.

Women’s history month, international women’s day are all just extra ways to celebrate the magic that is woman my businesses are focused on celebrating highlighting and supporting other women and my inspirations always start at home namely my mother A phenomenal woman & dynamic fempreneur, my sister phenomenal woman @isipossible & dynamic fempreneur @minimode_lkfw plus my amazing nieces & my dearest @Icansaspireto.

And then there’s YOU, the amazing women who may not even realise how inspiring you are!! But I SEE YOU and I’m thankful for you….your presence is uplifting in this space that can be toxic at times. Of course it’s not possible to tag you all, there are way too many of you but I hope that if you see this post you’ll feel the love! and of course share the love !

Denise x

international women's day