May is an optimistic feeling month … it has that full on spring energy aligned with the anticipation of the summer months to come.

This year, the focus has been on going inward, gaining clarity, redefining our intentions and goals …all with a view to supporting us to show up more authentically.

Now this month brings the energy of emergence! I love that word …it feels like we’re ready to step forward into the sunshine with renewed energy to bring our intentions to life.

The one thing that we do know for sure is that no matter the season, no matter how sunny it is, expanding our lives through our intentions takes work.

Here are some ideas on how to work with Mays energy…

Check in with yourself to see what season you’re currently in

Are you in a period of taking stock of what you’ve achieved in the last month or so?

Or maybe you’re in a rest period having spent the last few weeks powering ahead with your goals and intentions or perhaps you’re emerging from a rest period and feel ready to move forward.

Ultimately, becoming aware of your own seasonality empowers you and supports you to trust that your journey is unique to you, regardless of other people’s timelines.

Make a list of spring cleaning priorities

There’s nothing like a good clear-out to help us make space for expansion. This encompasses everything- your home, your workspace as well as your daily practices and your personal life eg. this is your opportunity to cleanse your life of unhelpful associations with people or places.

Put pen to paper daily

Yes, I know that I talk about the power of journaling a lot, but it’s only because I’ve personally experienced just how powerful it is…if nothing else, it helps you to release some of the distracting thoughts that take up space in your head: stress inducing thoughts, angry thoughts, self doubt etc….

Once you write them down each morning you’re making space for more positive thoughts and feelings.

Hopefully, this will boost your self awareness as what you’ll discover over time is a better understanding of the things that trigger you as well as thought patterns.

Tip: it helps if you can commit to doing it at the same time every morning.

Here are 3 questions to commit to answering each day for the month 

In the morning ask…

What quality do I want to embody today? Examples are things like calm or clarity or kindness.

In the evening, before bed ask…

What worked well today? For example it might be that you listened more effectively.

Denise Rabor x