Loving this salty, sour, savoury and sweet salad from Live Eat Learn… the superstar ingredient in this healthy salad is Sauerkraut and I’d like to take a moment to talk about why it’s so great for you.


Sauerkraut is incredibly nutritious and healthy… here’s why you should be eating more of it (and this salad is a great place to start!):

  • It provides probiotics and vitamin K2, known for their health benefits
  • It can help strengthen your immune system, improve your digestion and reduce your risk of certain diseases.
  • Due to the probiotic, gut-loving properties, it may improve your mood as it promotes a healthier balance in the gut.

Keep reading for the ingredients for this fabulous salad!

Salad Ingredients

  • Sauerkraut: Start with 4 cups of juicy sauerkraut. Feeling adventurous? Here’s how to make your own!
  • Onion: Next you’ll need to dice up 1 medium white onion.
  • Celery: For celery, dice up 2 full ribs.
  • Bell Pepper: Next, throw in 1 diced bell pepper. Any color works well here!
  • Carrot: Follow that up with a diced carrot.
  • Pimento Peppers: Lastly for the salad, include 1 4-oz jar of pimento peppers. Strain them before adding to the salad.

Discover the full recipe here

Thank you Live Eat Learn for allowing us to share her recipe.