It’s March and it’s all about us this month! It’s International Women’s Day this weekend plus it’s Women’s History Month so it’s a double whammy of female fabulousness! Now I’m not one for believing that because society nominates a day to something it creates some sort of validation….no…but it’s nice to have a reminder and more of a reason to celebrate each other.
I think that we women are AMAZING and I’m always inspired by our unlimited potential for greatness in every sector.
This is a great time for us to give thanks to the groundbreaking women who paved the way for us, including our our mothers and grandmothers. We also have to shout out the women who are today tirelessly fighting our corner as we continue to work to achieve true gender equality and inclusion in every sector.
The statistics show that we still have a long way to go to achieving pay parity and progression into leadership roles, but we’re not giving up.
With that in mind this post is all about the dynamic female entrepreneurs that we are supporting in the newly launched Wow Beauty Shop here in case you’ve not visited it yet.
Every one of these founders has a unique story to share and each of their unique brands has at its heart a desire to help to make the world a better place through the use of ethically sourced ingredients used to create products that nurture us and contribute to our wellbeing. Not only that, many of these founders are using their brands as a platform to give employment to other women globally …sending the ladder back down in their own way.
I hope that you’ll enjoy watching their video messages and reading their thoughts on IWD 2020. By supporting me you’re helping me to support these phenomenal women.
Happy IWD 2020.

Some of our lovely founders also sent in videos talking about IWD… you can see it here check it out!

Has there been a woman in your life who inspired and encouraged you?

“My mum – she always encouraged me to follow what I want to do and allow and support me to give things a try and go for it. And if it doesn’t work out, to get up again and try something new. She simply encouraged me to follow my heart and find out what I want to do in life and what I want from my life.” Sarah, founder of Naya

“Denise is an excellent example of an empowered woman by using her platform and status to champion sisterhood and help fellow fempreneurs build their brands.” Theresa, founder of Skin Alchemists

I’m very inspired by Margot Noel from what was Gaia Refills but they are about to get a new name.. @refillswithabettername is the temporary name! Margot has been pushing forward with a project to deliver entirely zero waste skincare from a hand picked selection of natural brands. She is a fierce Parisan with a beautiful aesthetic sense, and a determined attitude for change when it comes to leading the design of her beautiful re -usable & washable containers that have an infinite life.Sarah, founder of Love Absolute

“It almost sounds cliched but, my mum showed my sister and I that it was very possible to create something from nothing. If you could imagine it,  then you could do it. She was very industrious and often had little side hustles going on in addition to her main career to enable her to support us growing up. Whether it was buying and selling fabrics to saving up to invest in land back home in Nigeria. Sometimes the risks paid off, sometimes they didn’t. But for me the greatest lesson I learned was that there will always be opportunity. However, we must have the courage, patience and faith in our creativity to pursue it.” Ibi, founder of the Afro Hair & Skin Co. 

Share your favourite quote from an inspirational woman that you often refer to:

Opportunities don’t often come along. So, when they do, you have to grab them.” – Audrey Hepburn – Sarah, Founder of Naya

One of my favourite quotes is “Empowered women empower women” because I really believe in the power of sisterhood and uplifting each other, which is why I am so proud to be part of the Wow Beauty shop. –  Theresa, founder of Skin Alchemists

Quote from Margot Noel “Why exchange e-mails when you can grab a coffee? Why make money when you can change the world?” Sarah, founder of Love Absolute

One of my fave inspirational women is Miki Agrawal, a serial entrepreneur who builds culture shifting brands that give back. She has founded 4 incredible businesses and one of her mantras is “Eliminate the depletes – the people who complain or hold you back” – Ibi, founder of The Afro Hair & Skin Co


What does International Women’s Day mean to me? 

“International Women’s Day is an opportunity to honour the women who have been at the forefront of fighting for gender equality across a range of topics and focus on what further actions are still required. It is for us to reflect and be grateful for all these fearless women from the past and celebrate those in the present that will continue to make a difference in the future.”Sarah, founder of Naya

“For me International Women’s day is a day to celebrate female empowerment, to recognise the women who have paved the way for us to have rights,  to have a voice, those who have nurtured us and those who have broken barriers and instilled hope and desire in us.”Theresa, founder of Skin Alchemists

“I feel International Woman’s Day should be a time to reflect and celebrate all the female led independent beauty brands, who created a competitive landscape for personal care products like beauty and skincare, taking things back to natural, and leading the way to change.  

The average consumer now have a vast sea of healthy products to choose from as the big brands have had to compete with the little guys.” Sarah, founder of Love Absolute

You won’t know unless you try. If you have an idea, then you owe it to yourself to try it out. Rather than imagine what could go wrong, think of all the things that could go right.” – Ibi, Founder of The Afro Hair & Skin Co

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