Beauties, it’s Valentine’s Day today… what better time to treat yourself? It’s not just about the flowers from a loved one or a fancy meal… for us, Valentine’s Day is a chance to show love – to yourself and to others too.

I like to think of it as a reminder that love is a continuum and something that we are all able to give and receive. Whenever Valentine’s Day comes along, we put our focus on self-love and this year is no different…love for yourself is everything and is as important as the love that you have for your significant other, your family and your friends.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re advocating self-love and self-care. It’s a duty you have to yourself and you deserve it.

We reached out to Jennifer Vaughan, SEN Teacher and Cancer Coach to share a few of her thoughts about self love this Valentine’s Day.

My birthday falls on the 13th February the day before Valentine’s Day. With consumers it’s all about celebrating with a significant other. However, my motto for February is “self-love” which then allows you to love others with sincerity.valentines day

I have learnt that “self-love” is the most important love one can ever experience, especially when I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2018 and presently “cancer is living in me”. It has opened my heart and my thoughts about the importance of life. It made me think about my journey with love. I love my daughter, my family and my friends but how often did I tell myself “I love you, I respect you, you are amazing, kind, generous, thoughtful, calm, resilient and caring”

It is a time to reflect and be grateful for being the person you are, to know you are unique and one should never compare yourself with others.

To be aware of the good people who are in your life, that loves and supports you for who you are as a human being. To focus on what good you can do to support others. Remember to tell those dear to you how much you care and love them and why!

Take time to do the things you love to support your well-being, find time to refresh and reset when stress consumes you! When you focus on self-love, it will balance your vibrations and allow you to live your best life.

So whatever else you’re doing this Valentine’s Day make some time that’s just for you… here are some ideas.

  • Inspire yourself with some soul food like Lala Dalia’s book ‘Vibrate Higher Daily’
  • Create a bathing sanctuary… Take a relaxing bath with some of your favourite bath treats.
  • Give yourself or get someone to give you a massage with some aromatherapy oils and of course return the favour…
  • Grab a journal or your affirmation notebook and write down what you’re feeling grateful for and your goals.
  • Treat yourself to some flowers to brighten up your home and add a splash of colour.

We’d love to hear from you what your Valentine’s Day plans… if you are doing anything special or just treating it like any other day… but you can always use it as a bit of an excuse to indulge in a little extra self care and treat for yourself.