LBB Skincare Flight Mode Mood Rescue

LBB Skincare Flight Mode Mood Rescue

Recently, our sister site D.O.R. Beauty Edit launched the fabulous wellbeing brand LBB Skincare on their retail site… we thought we’d revisit our review on one of our favourite products of theirs.. Flight Mode! 

I’m always on the lookout for effective items to add to my wellbeing toolkit because I take the view of ‘the more the merrier’ when it comes to managing my wellbeing. I’m always sharing that I am a fragrance addict and that I love aromatherapy and this has been the case for as long as I can remember. I love the power of fragrance to impact on us emotionally and spiritually: for example, take a moment to think about a scent memory that has stayed with you through the years and that becomes real as soon as you smell a certain fragrance note… hopefully, it’s a happy one that makes you smile. Aromatherapy is a powerful therapy and much research has been done on essential oils and their effect on everything from pain relief to improving anxiety. Personally, I do believe in the power of these plant extracts to shift a mood amongst other benefits, so I was really keen to try this offering ‘Flight Mode Mood Rescue’ from LBB skincare.

Now, this Flight Mode Mood Rescue rollerball is a potent blend of 9 essential oils designed to support you whenever you just need a moment of space….with 9 essential oils, this isn’t just any old rollerball….this is very specifically formulated to work on stress in its various manifestations….whether emotional in terms of anxiety or brain fog or physical in terms of tense, achy muscles.

Nnenna, the Fempreneur behind the brand initially created It based on her own experience of a transatlantic corporate lifestyle; she realised that those with hectic lifestyles that often included lots of travel or running around needed something ‘on the go’ to provide a supportive pause. Flight mode delivers that.

So although I’ve not travelled in the last year or so, Flight Mode Mood Rescue from LBB Skincare has been close by…on my desk to get me through the day, especially when I start to lose focus and start craving a coffee ….I just grab it …roll it on and inhale deeply…and voila….I’m back. I will definitely take this with me when I finally get to fly again because I struggle with the reconstituted dry air on planes, but in the meantime, this little beauty works a treat right here on the ground.

Here’s how it works:

  • Tea TreeEucalyptus and Majoram help purify the air, boost natural immunity, decongest and helps ward off colds & infections
  • LavenderPatchouli, and Cedarwood round off the blend and linger to soothe everyday stress and promote a sense of calm.
  • Lemon and Peppermint uplift the soul and promote positivity

All blended with vitamin-rich superfood carrier oils.

What’s to love:

It works

It’s vegan

Buy Flight Mode

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