Welcome to 2020 beauties! It’s hard not to love the energy that surrounds us at the start of a New Year and this one is particularly potent, as it is the start of a new decade.

Many of us are working on creating our intentions for the year and setting the goals that will support them, determined to have a year where we experience growth and expansion and one that for many will make 2019 a distant memory.

Last year at this time I wrote about slow goals and for many of us the way that 2019 manifested, slow goals were the only goals to have because of the numerous challenges that we faced: for me that meant that certain things went slower than I wanted or expected, for some of us things just wouldn’t work out as we expected… there was a lot of ‘ stop – start – stop – start, you know what I’m talking about. That’s not to say that 2020 is going to be an easy ride, but maybe we can be better prepared as individuals to deal with whatever comes our way in a year that holds so much promise…

There’s been a lot said about the significance of the year 2020 and the fact that it’s the start of a new decade. Whatever your thing… whether it’s astrology or spirituality there’s something to ponder.

In numerology, this is a four year and is is very much about the foundations of our lives (if you believe in numerology) and with that in mind I am calling it the year of the Re: These are the Re’s that I’ll be using to help me to navigate the next 12 months so I’m sharing them with you…


Reconnect with yourself –the things that make you happy… that bring you joy… that make you smile: with people in your life who you may have lost touch with over time, maybe it’s time to reconnect with them… after all we’re all on a journey and the support of others can be a real game changer.


Review where you are in your journey…take stock and allow yourself the space to gain some clarity about your next steps: what worked for you last year what didn’t? What are the right steps for you to be taking next?  ….then go from there.


When you’re clear about last year’s missteps and the plans  that didn’t work, take the opportunity to recalibrate: perhaps they need a redesign or maybe you need to look at the from a different perspective or maybe they just need to be eliminated altogether….don’t panic, just trust that you will find the answers.

Re set

Re set your boundaries. seriously. Healthy boundaries are a form of self love. We all need to get serious about our emotional, psychological and social boundaries… so establish how you wish to be treated by family, friends and colleagues for 2020 and beyond.


The negative self talk, the self-doubt and limiting beliefs… reduce the time spent worrying about what hasn’t happened and then use that energy to manifest your vision of your life.

Revive & refresh 

Work on reviving your spirit which is the essence of you: find the self-care activities that work for you and build them into your life. Refresh your daily routine to include practices that boost your selfcare… for me it’s become my daily meditation and journaling.

Reflect and Revisit

Make time to reflect on where you’re at any given time… what is/has worked, what isn’t/hasn’t worked …in both your personal and your professional life … reflect on your interactions with others ….reflect on your selfcare activities and if something isn’t working, don’t waste time on it….just make the necessary changes and try something else.

I’d love to hear from you so let’s connect ….let me know how your year is shaping up and if any of this resonates with you.