Welcome to this week’s ‘My Beauty and Wellbeing’ story… this week we’re sharing our interview with Shiona Redmond founder of CBD brand Graces London.

We’re all about holistic beauty and wellbeing and we love hearing about how other people are managing there’s – for this series we’re reaching out to some inspiring women and men of course to find out about their favourite products and practices- you know …the things that enable them to be their best selves.

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Shiona, first of all tell us a little bit about yourself and Why clean beauty is so important to you? 

shionaI am a Mummy to two girls age 12 & 9 and co-founder of ‘Graces London’ a CBD Skincare & Wellness Brand.

With the skin being the largest organ of the human body, what we put on our skin can not only affect our skin but can have long lasting effects on our health and wellbeing.

On my own journey to wellness and balance, the discovery of harmful chemicals laced in most everyday skincare products was alarming. This sparked the journey to manufacturing our own products for our children, friends and family.

What are your favourite skincare ingredients?

 I love to explore all plant based natural and organic ingredients. My absolute passion is in the formulating stages, trailing and testing and constantly finding something new.  I seek ingredients which work as a balanced tonic for the skin, but always taking into consideration all senses of the psyche. The effects on not just skin, but the mind, body and soul.

Right now, I am obsessed with the infusion of Black Pepper, Ylang Ylang, Argan Oil and of course our CBD extract.

My no.1 favourite base ingredient to start with in a formulation will always be Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil (Hempseed Oil). Superfood for the skin!

I love your passion for CBD, why is it so important to you for wellbeing? hemp

One-word BALANCE. It honestly blows my mind how molecules from the cannabis plant (Phyto cannabinoids) mimic molecules in our own body (endocannabinoids) to promote internal homeostasis. Which is a fancy word for balance of the internal systems of the body.

Cannabinoid extracts engage with a receptor system located in the human body called the Endocannabinoid system. Applying CBD extracts to the skin can engage with the endocannabinoid system to relax muscles, calm the mind, promote natural skin health and over the years it has really helped to dull my adenomyosis womb pains that I suffer with every month.

 What are your must have skincare products? and what is the last product that you purchased that you are loving?

At least three times a week I use a facial exfoliator by an amazing brand called Suikin. I use their ‘Super Greens Detox Facial Exfoliator’ – I will not be without this product!

As you know wow beauty is committed to encouraging self care, what are some of your non negotiable self care rituals?

Starting my day off with mediation, breath work or yoga is a daily self care must! I need to carry out at least one of these practices every morning to feel grounded and ready to take on the day. It can vary anywhere from 5mins – 45mins.

Has the way that you practise self care changed since the pandemic? What items have become your lockdown/ Selfcare must haves?shiona

 I love to do yoga, meditation, take salt baths, I live for reading a good book and always have a weekly facial. However, during this time, I also realised that I was not prioritising my selfcare. So more than often my self-care routine was being restricted to a small section in the morning and again at night. I am now very conscious to practice self-care throughout my day, little and often.

Lockdown must have had to be my beautiful ‘Psychic Sisters’ rose quartz eye mask – I keep it in the fridge, and it has been one of my favourite things to use during lock down.  I often use it in meditation, after a facial or I just lay back & de puff my tired eyes!

 What is your typical morning skin care routine like? And your night- time routine? Has anything changed since lockdown?

Nothing has changed, I religiously cleanse my face morning and night using an argan and hempseed oil mix I formulated for myself years ago. I then apply the Lavender & Lemon CBD roller across my forehead, temples, cheekbones, jawline, nose, lips and neck. At night I repeat the same process with the addition of our CBD balm applied under the eye area and to my lips.

Right now, I am using our new bergamot & black pepper blend at night-time for extra moisturisation. The new blend will launch in October and believe me when I say it smells divine.

What changes would you like to see and the beauty industry over the next year or so?

 I would love to see more clinical research on the science of plant ingredients and how they can impact the skin, mind, body and overall general health.

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