April is Stress Awareness month, but rather than share lots of pointers about decreasing your stress, let’s talk about how you can both raise your energetic vibration and protect your energy…. here are some tips from the fabulous Wow Beauty Contributor, Lisa Cybaniak.

Science teaches that every particle is vibrating with energy, and the frequency of its vibration, can change. This means that the clothes on your back are vibrating, as is the chair you’re sitting on. You, are in fact, vibrating with energy.

Toxic Positivity

People often speak about keeping their thoughts positive. But when things are stressful, it’s easier said than done. Sometimes people misunderstand and think they’re not supposed to have thoughts that are not positive. Subsequently, they force those thoughts, and the emotions that follow, down deep, pretending they’re not there.

But thoughts and emotions are what cause the frequency of vibration in every cell in your body. Putting on a happy face and pretending all is well, doesn’t raise your energetic vibration. To do that, you must genuinely feel those higher vibrational emotions, and therefore have those more positive thoughts. Pretending is not the answer. Refusing to allow yourself to feel your actual feelings in favour of what you believe society deems appropriate to feel is called toxic positivity.

thoughts and emotions

Raising Your Energy

In order to raise your energy, let’s first change the narrative on those “negative” feelings. Instead of labelling them, just allow yourself to feel them. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, stressed, fatigued, frustrated, and even angry. Most people spend so much time trying to ignore or push away these feelings that they spend more time at this energetic vibration than what they need to.

Rather, if you allow yourself to acknowledge how you’re feeling, you acknowledge those feelings as being valid. Once you do that, your unconscious mind feels validated, and you’re able to move on. To do this, you need to remember two things: Not only are you made of energy that is vibrating, but you are in complete control over the frequency at which you vibrate.

Moving Up the Emotional Ladder

Instead of focusing on the feelings and thoughts you’ve just acknowledged, when you’re ready, look for the next best thought. This may still be miles off from where you’d like to be, but if it makes you feel better than how you were feeling, keep it. For example, if you’re angry and reach for the next best thought, coming to thoughts of blame, that’s not a place you ultimately want to stay. But, if “blame” makes you feel better than “anger”, then allow those thoughts and feelings.

And when you’re ready, do it again. Reach for the next best thought and acknowledge it and the feelings that come along for the ride with it. I call this the Emotional Ladder, which I first learned through reading the work of Abraham-Hicks. Continue this process until you find a thought and feeling that is a place you would like to stay. It doesn’t matter what emotion or thought it is, if it makes you feel better. Because when you feel better, you’re vibrating at a higher frequency.

Protecting Your Energy

But remember, your energetic vibration is not only influenced by your thoughts and emotions, but also by the words and actions of others, as well as their energetic frequency. And no matter how hard we try, or how good our intentions, we cannot control others. So, now that you’re at this higher frequency, it’s time to protect it.

I literally do this through a meditative process where I imagine a bubble of white light wrapped around me. Through this bubble, I’m in control of what energy I choose to share with others, as well as what energy I will allow into my bubble to be shared with me.

Meditation is a wonderful tool that at first may require 20-30 minutes of time in silence, off in a separate room. Then gradually, you realise that the state of mind it invokes is possible in a much shorter time frame, if you focus and practice.


That means that over time, with intentional practice, you can learn to be in a meeting, talking with others, while at the same time invoking a white light of protection around yourself to limit the impact the energies of others can have on you and your energy. I start every day pulling this bubble of light all around myself. And when I find myself in a difficult situation, I bring my focus back to my protective bubble.

Here’s the link to my White Light Protection meditation that I hope you enjoy:

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