Beauties, it’s World Sleep Day and it’s also the beginning of the weekend, so we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite sleep products that can help you in your quest to reclaim a good nights sleep! What that we’ve learnt from experts is that sleeping patterns are improved by having a nighttime routine and improving our ‘sleep hygiene’ which includes things like having a relaxing bath or shower and removing tech from the bedroom. This is something that Sleep brand founder Jo Foster of Kiss the Moon talked about in our recent Your Wellbeing is Your Superpower event:

So in this post, we’ve also created a little bedtime routine – with different options for you to choose from. Not everything will be for everyone, but here are some ideas on how you can create your own little bedtime ritual to make sure you get the best sleep you can.


Having a nice bath is one of the best ways to relax and get ready for bed.

A 1997 study by the Cornell University Medical College found that the body’s temperature naturally dips at night. It’s this sudden drop in temperature that helps your body fall asleep faster and achieve a deeper rest – so by having a warm bath and then cooling down, you replicate this and this is what helps you to drift off quicker and relaxes you.

You can make that bath an extra special part of that routine by setting the mood – a lovely candle can create a beautiful ambience as well as give a nice scent – this dream candle from Kiss the Moon, for example, is one we love to use.

Bath salts are also a great addition – loving these ones from Kiss the Moon (the Glow Bedtime bath salts), these new SLEEP salts from Westlab and the Morpheus sleep enhancing salts. These will charge your bath with minerals that can get absorbed through the skin lik