Let’s face it, most of us are on the lookout for a good night’s sleep and if nothing else products that help to enhance our restfulness are always going to be a winner. We hear a lot about sleep hygiene, the idea of creating the optimum environment in our bedrooms for us to rest and relax and hopefully get a good few hours of sleep.

I have to say that like many of you I have tried many pillow sprays that promised to lull us into a deep restful sleep and some of us will say that they work really well and others feel that the justice with a nicely scented pillow or bedsheets but if nothing else these mist do contain ingredients that aid relaxation and encourage rest.

This offering from Welle Co the wellness brand founded by supermodel Elle Macpherson promises to deliver a sense of peace. It’s ingredients contain a thoughtful blend of lavender (of course) wild chamomile and vetiver. I say a thoughtful blend because the lavender isn’t the first note that you observe which is refreshing, especially as so many brands lead with lavender as the keynote.

I like this blend because it’s a little bit more sophisticated than the usual. Whilst  I can’t state that it helps me to sleep better it definitely helps me to relax and actually look forward to spritzing my pillow and the area around my bed with it as part of my night-time well-being ritual. It is very reassuring if you’re prone to waking up in the night to still have this lovely gentle fragrance surrounding you. According to the brand, you can apply this to your pulse points as well for an extra calming boost love that.

Key Ingredients 

  • Australian lavender: known for its calming effects and for reducing anxiety. 
  • Vetiver: is known for its grounding effect and for its ability to encourage relaxation and sleep: it has a woody earthy scent.
  • Chamomile: is known for many qualities including its antidepressant qualities and it’s been said to reduce feelings of anger and depression.

Buy the calming mist for £29 from Alayka