Deepen your bond this Valentine’s Day by exploring the connection between mood and scent. Here, Lauren Grainger from luxury gift company and self-care advocates From today… shares the best aromatherapy scents to inspire romance and friendship this February 14th.

Scents can have the remarkable ability to influence our emotions and evoke cherished memories. If you’re looking to increase your emotional connection this Valentine’s (or Galentine’s/Palentine’s) Day, aromatherapy could be the key. By using certain scents, you can help foster an atmosphere of love, romance, harmony, or friendship in your space.

We’ll be covering the benefits of aromatherapy and the best scents to inspire emotional bonds. Whether you want to incorporate aromatherapy into your celebrations or give the gift of connection, let these scents guide you.

What is aromatherapy?aromatherapt

Ever noticed how a certain smell can uplift your mood or make you feel calm and serene? Aromatherapy is a practice that uses scent, in the form of essential oils, to encourage emotional wellbeing and enhance the atmosphere of your space. The most common ways to enjoy aromatherapy include candles, diffusers and room sprays. If you’re new to aromatherapy, begin with a modest amount of essential oil and adjust gradually to personal preferences. Opting for high-quality essential oils ensures optimal results. Feel free to experiment with different scents and methods to discover a combination that works best for you and your home.

Best scents for self-love

If you want to feel empowered and confident, look for uplifting or calming scents that will inspire self-love. Lavender is a popular scent for promoting relaxation, helping to ease tension and invite a sense of calm and acceptance. If you’re looking for something more energising, let the bright citrus notes of bergamot invigorate your senses and inspire a positive mindset, encouraging inner kindness and compassion. If you’re having a pampering session or practising some self-care, create a supportive environment and invite some self-love into your space with these scents.

Best scents for romance

Floral scents are often associated with feelings of passion and desire, making them perfect for stirring up some romance. Jasmine has an intoxicatingly sweet and floral fragrance that ignites desire and enhances sensuality, setting the stage for intimate connection. Similarly, ylang-ylang, known as the “flower of flowers”, has a sweet, deep floral aroma with slight fruity notes that can have aphrodisiac effects. For a more complex scent profile, combine your florals with warm and woody patchouli or a hint of cinnamon to spice up date night. Whether diffused in the air or incorporated into massage oils, these alluring scents envelop you in an atmosphere of love and desire, enhancing romantic moments with your beloved.

Best scents for family and friendship

While scents can help inspire feelings of love in yourself and your partner, certain aromas can also stimulate a sense of harmony among family and friends. For instance, sandalwood has comforting woody notes that can help create balance and tranquillity in your home. This understated aroma can also create the perfect atmosphere for open communication and mutual understanding, prompting a sense of unity. Alternatively, bright citrus scents can help to lift spirits and create a more sociable space. Choose essential oils of sweet orange or grapefruit to encourage love and laughter among your nearest and dearest.

Other ways to engage the sensesscent

Engaging multiple senses can enhance the effectiveness of aromatherapy and create a more immersive experience. So, consider other ways to engage your senses as you enjoy essential oils. For example, you can incorporate soft, luxurious fabrics like plush blankets or silk pillows to create a cosy atmosphere. Set the mood with ambient lighting and add warmth with candles — perhaps in one of your aromatherapy scents. Ensure the room is a comfortable temperature to encourage relaxation and a sense of wellbeing. Finally, you may also want to play calming, romantic, or uplifting music to encourage a holistic experience that incorporates multiple senses.

Embrace the power of aromatherapy and enjoy deeper emotional connections through scent. Whether it’s for self-compassion, romance, or socialisation, let your senses guide you. For even more tips like this, take a look at the wellbeing support guides at WOW Beauty.