Beauties, 2020 has been a transformative year for all of us. The pandemic has affected us all in different ways, we’ve had our emotions stretched to the limit and have leaned on social media and video calls to stay connected. Routines have been upended, perhaps permanently, many things become uncertain and change has become something more prevalent than ever.

During this time of uncertainty, one thing that has become an important topic is self-care. From changes in skincare routines and beauty habits, to whole outlets on life, this pandemic has made us reflect on many things that have become a natural part of our lives. Now more than ever, we’ve become more aware that we need to take care of ourselves and prioritise self-care, in whatever form that works for you.

Today we wanted to delve into how beauty and wellbeing habits have changed during the pandemic, reaching out to some of our lovely contributors to share their experiences during this time.

“For me, the theme that has come out of lockdown is a sort of new eco-minimalism. 

Having had so much time to focus on what I really need without so many distractions, it’s almost as if the simple pleasures like a lovely walk, bath, or masking ritual can make or break the day after Skype calls and screen time commitments.  I can not say I started wearing red lipstick on Skype, as a more natural look has always appealed to me for some reason- which is why I’m focused on simple basic skincare and natural looking skin. 

In this quiet time, I’ve listened to local customers, and the many who want to return their empty containers to me, as they are hoping for zero waste solutions and the ability to recycle and re use. So this theme of true eco -minimalism has developed, with just beautiful ingredients, natural colours and less waste. 

I want to learn the lessons from this period of reflection to see how I can move forward with an entirely clear green conscience.”

Sarah Bisset founder of Love Absolute

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“My definition of self-care has expanded further during the pandemic and now includes what I eat, exercise, meditation, my sleep, less screen time, and not just my beauty and skincare routine. I haven’t worn makeup, which has freed up some more time to spend on other aspects of self-care, such as a daily 5K walk in nature which has helped me put things in perspective. I intend to stick to this routine long-term, and will prioritise what helps keep me feeling balanced. It means I have so much more energy to give to others.”

Sofia Latif, founder of  Sofia Latif Oils

“I am definitely wearing less make up as not going out as much and it’s a relief! This isn’t about resisting any beauty standards, just gives my skin time to breathe. I have simplified my skincare, only using things I know to work and focusing on budget friendly versions where possible.  So, moisturiser, SPF and serum if necessary, daily. Gentle cleanser daily and mineral foundation if possible. Plus as I have lots of products (!) I wanted to get the best out of them before just buying more. 

Wellbeing has gone up and down, I find myself spending far more time on social media looking for wellbeing ideas instead of just being well. On the flip side I have discovered lots of new things I wouldn’t have had time for. And I have significantly reduced the number of celebrity/influencer social media accounts I follow. More time for me/family has been great.  Less stress related to travel for sure.

As an advocate for black owned  beauty brands , I have definitely enjoyed discovering more new brands designed for me and my skin tone.  I buying more black beauty to support Black Pound Day/the Black Economy and make a positive contribution to the antiracism movement! This is wonderful for my wellbeing and that is the best change that has happened during the pandemic, despite the sadness that led to it.” 

Nana Mensah TriedTestedLoved

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“Before the pandemic, I rarely put on makeup, and because of that, I had trained myself to believe that I only needed to wash my face once a day. Other than shaving when needed, I didn’t have a skincare routine for my body, at all. I had already been working from home for 2 years when COVID hit, so I had become quite comfortable sitting at my computer in my lounging clothes. But the pandemic initially brought a whole new sense of relaxed working to my routine. Before I knew it, I was barely doing my hair and wearing my pyjamas all day!

At the beginning of May, I decided something had to change – I was feeling low in energy, lacking motivation, and was moody. So, I started changing my routine. Every single day, I put on a dress, did my full makeup, and put in effort towards my skincare. Not only did I begin washing my face twice a day, I began using toner, doing a facial scrub, introduced dry brushing of my entire body before having a shower, and applying lotion afterwards. This has now become part of my self-care routine. While I don’t always wear a dress now, I do wear what I affectionately call “real people’s clothes” – I put in effort to wear an outfit, rather than pyjamas, to my home office. I can tell you that this change in my routine and attitude has made a world of difference to the way I feel about myself. I feel good! I feel purposeful and energetic again… all from putting in a little effort in the morning!”

Lisa Cybaniak Qualified NLP Practitioner & Motivational Speaker

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“Having worked in a demanding profession as a barrister whilst also bringing up three children and commuting, I’ve always believed that we need to make time for ourselves and to see our own self-care and relaxation as important. It’s that which was the inspiration to create a luxury bath and body range which had personal wellbeing at its heart, and I think caring for ourselves and others has been even more important over the past few months.

As for so many of us, the idea of lying on a sun-drenched beach with a cocktail in hand seems a million miles away right now but I use Guava & Gold’s products with their distinctive scents of beautiful fruits and flowers to relax and refresh myself, and to transport me to an exotic, tropical island in my imagination.

So, my go-to regime at the end of a long day in front of a computer is to light a scented candle, have a hot bath with one of the Guava & Gold Bath & Shower Gels, drink my last glass of water for the day and moisturise with one of the Guava & Gold body lotions before I get into bed. They’re very hydrating and I love the fragrance on my skin as I’m falling asleep.” 

Clare Price founder of Guava and Gold

Has your outlet on life changed at all since the pandemic started or when lockdown begun? Would love to know what changes you’ve made to your lives.