Beauties… we’re excited to share with you this video with Tanya of Urban Veda talking all about The Principles of Ayurveda and the different Dosha types.

If you’re interested in a quick breakdown of the dosha’s, keeping reading… enjoy!


Vata is defined in Ayurvedic literature by the elements air and ether. These elemental effects transpire to dry and age Vata skin, so the most vital part of a Vata skincare regime is moisturising. As one would imagine with the Vata elements air and ether, Vata types tend to spend, or dissipate, their energy rather than store it. A balanced Vata type is full of creativity and vitality, but when unbalanced, Vata types can suffer from hyperactivity, fear and anxiety and indigestion, as well as dry and uneven skin tone.


Vata skin can be dry, delicate, cool, rough and flaky, and can be vulnerable to exposure and dry wind. It is important to use replenishing moisturisers, and to boost hydration by splashing your face several times when you cleanse.


Pitta is ruled by the element fire. Generally disciplined and logical, this ‘heat’ frequently manifests as ambition, Pitta types are born leaders, managing and controlling their energy strategically. When in a state of balance, Pitta types have positive attributes such as charisma, focus, intelligence, a quick wit and contentment, but when out of balance, excess Pitta can accumulate as irritability, a ‘hot’ temper and unprovoked bouts of aggression.


Pitta skin tends to be fair and sensitive, and the heat that Pitta can generate in the body is generally indicated by moles, rosacea, rashes, acne and a tendency to burn in the sun easily. Pitta skin needs cooling and nurturing and a soothing skincare regime.


Kapha is ruled by the elements earth and water. Generally quite loving and forgiving by nature, Kapha types tend to store their energy. Kapha dosha people are the least likely to fall out of balance, but when they do this can manifest as being sluggish, slow and overweight, and mentally they can develop feelings of insecurity or envy. This over-accumulation of energy is evident in slow decision-making tendencies.


Kapha skin is usually oily with large pores. Tolerant to sun, Kapha’s excess oil demonstrates a greater predilection to blackheads and needs regular detoxification. Kapha skincare regimes should be stimulating and include regular cleansing of the face (at least twice daily), and deep exfoliation at least once a week.