So there I was with a friend at Fortnum and Mason for the opening of their new Beauty Rooms, which are lovely it has to be said. We floated elegantly around & then my friend Fiona came over to me and said ‘smell this’ and offered me her wrist …I was like ‘wow, that is sexy…what is it?’ “It’s Richard E Grants new fragrance called ‘Jack'” Long story short, I went over asked him about it, and he explained that he’d always been obsessed by smell, and consequently  in love with fragrance. To be honest it’s rare for me to purchase a new fragrance without road testing it first, but I did and I’m glad.


Jack is a sexy unisex fragrance. It’s a citrusy, woody fragrance that starts off with  luscious lime, orange and cannabis notes, later on you’ll pick up on vetiver, clove and nutmeg. It is an unexpected fragrance whose contrasting elements really work in harmony. Be aware, you might not want to share it.

Available at Fortnum and Mason 90.00 for 100ml (of course my signed one is priceless ;)