It’s no secret that I LOVE scented candles! the one thing that my house is never short of is scented candles. I always have one at my bedside to be lit for a couple of hours at night and my lounge always has 2 or 3 ready to be lit. Now it has to be said that not all candles are created equal: I love fragrance and it annoys me when I burn a candle, only to discover that it hardly fragrances a room at all. So as a fan of all things by Michelle Roques O’Neil, I was happy to get my hands on these two gorgeous candles.

imageThis one is called Love and contains luxurious scents of ylang ylang, magnolia, Jasmine and pink pepper. Michelle says that this candle is “inspired by love, it is sensual, devotional and uplifting helping you to cultivate that inner smile. A rich blend of sensual florals to lift you out of the doldrums and connect with your inner diva”. It smells beautiful and lasts really well.

imageThis one is called Pure and contains Lemon Myrtle, Cajuput, Lavender, Frankincense, Thyme and May Chang and it really does smell pure! Michelle says that this candle helps to cleanse and purify the air killing airborne bacteria that can often cause viruses. The antiseptic and antiviral nature of essential oils help to create a veil of protection and offer emotional solace whilst cleansing and harmonising of your environment.