This is not the first Kahina product that I’ve reviewed, I love their balm and keep a jar amongst my bedside table wonders. As many of you know I love a story, and I love the story behind this brand and the way in which Katherine L’Heureux the founder works to empower the Berber women who work to extract the Argan oil by ensuring that they are fairly treated in a way that directly improves their lives, their families lives and their communities.

The other thing that you may not know is that I love fragrance ….I mean seriously I’m kind of addicted: perfumes, matching body wash and cream, scented candles, house fragrances ….I mean fragrance is part of my daily ritual ….it makes me feel complete….if I’m having a stressful moment I just need to inhale whatever scent is on my arm, and the world is ok again.
So, here’s a confession: when I first received this scent and tried a bit I wasn’t into it….I thought no this isn’t for me…..why? read on.

From my perspective as with many fragrances, this fragrance is all about my mood and emotions. So cut to the end of January 2016, it’s the weekend and I’ve had a pretty intense but successful week, where I hosted my first wow beauty event and it was all that I could have hope for and more. My mood is elated but also grounded. I have a long shower and after drying off decide to apply a little dab of the oil to my wrist, then a bit more and I found myself liking the scent more and more… made me feel as though I were being hugged …you know the kind of warm soothing hug that makes you feel strong and confident. It may sound silly but this is a womanly perfume.

Overall this is a spicy and warm fragrance, it’s also earthy and sexy. It’s a ‘pure fume’ made from pure essential oils and comes in a roll on format, so a little goes a long way. The first note that hits you is citrusy which is not sharp but rather sensual thanks to the orange blossom, but there’s also the earthiness of the vetiver all rounded off by the spice …I photographed it with cloves and allspice(pimento) because the spice is very present and when mixed with the gorgeous patchouli it becomes sexy and sensual. There are some other ingredients at play here which add to the mystique & Kahina describe them as “Tantalizing rose and orange blossoms are layered over the scents of antiquity; patchouli, vetiver and ylang-ylang with lingering hints of cumin and clove from the spice market.”

So there you have it my journey from dislike to love.

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