Longlasting Curls with Curlsmith’s In-Shower Style Fixer!

Longlasting Curls with Curlsmith’s In-Shower Style Fixer!

Curly girls – I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves looking for new styling products for my curls… always looking for those products that give the hair hold, shine and definition without drying them out. It’s a constant, evolving (and fun journey) discovering what works for the hair, how much to use and what different styling techniques work best.

I have been eyeing up the Curlsmith In-Shower Style Fixer for a while. It promises extreme hold and as someone who is already a fan of the curlsmith range, this was something that is very appealing to me.

I have been trying it for a while now and it has honestly been a bit of a gamechanger for me.

The results?

My curls are juicy, defined and held in place for days!

I have wavy/curly hair and I find that, even when I protect my hair at night, my curls just never seem to last for more than a few days… until this gel.

Curlsmith In-shower style fixer is the one gel that’s ever actually had my curls looking great even after 2,3 days, even when I just use this without any mouse or any other stylers.

It’s certainly not the faint hearted: if you don’t like the feeling of having product in the hair or a hard cast, this isn’t one for you. You can really feel the crunchy cast on this and even when you scrunch out the cast, you can still feel the hold and the products there. But I like to partially leave this cast in and this helps ensure my curls are still in place for so much longer than usual.

If you’re not a fan of feeling product in your hair, of that hard cast, this is not for you… but if you want extreme hold, you’ll love this!

Key ingredients

  • In my research, they’re one of the few brands that use POLYQUATERNIUM-69 which is a strong hold styler and is great for humidity resistance.
  • Avocado Oil: One of the few oils that can penetrate the hair, delivering intense moisture from within.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil: Obtained from the seeds of the fruit, this light oil is an incredible moisturizer rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Sunflower Oil: Lightweight oil rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, great to add shine and make the hair soft.
  • Andiroba: Indigenous plant of the Amazon forest known for its hair nourishing and stimulating properties.
  • Resurrection Flower: Desert plant that survives up to 3 years without water, known for its moisture-retention properties.

How to use

As the name suggests, this product needs water! Make sure to use when the hair is soaking wet, you might even want to spray the gel with more water before applying this to your strands using the ‘praying hands’ motion.

Once you’ve dried your hair, it will dry in a hard cast that can be broken with a serum or oil.

This has become one of my favourite gels and one I’ll want to always have to hand for when I need my hair to look on point!

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