Beauties as winter digs deep your hands may be in need of some major TLC so hopefully you’ve had an opportunity to read last weeks post on 7 Fab hand creams for dry skin. Well, welcome to part 2 where I look at 3 really effective creams for Ageless hands. I don’t know any woman who isn’t conscious about the look of her hands and of course it’s not just about having great manicures; our hands need to be treated almost in the same way that we look after our faces… you know cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise and treat. (We’ll get onto the hand treatments next time).

These 3 handcreams are especially designed for preventing the signs of ageing which means that they are good for anyone to use.

IDC Eternal youthful hand cream

This is from the Canadian brand IDC a brand who pride themselves on their extensive research into skin ageing. It’s a science based brand that manages to be free from parabens and artificial colours. This is easy to use, as it sinks into the skin quickly and easily leaving no noticeable residue… just lovely smooth and hydrated hands. It’s designed to hydrate and soothe dry hands, as well as protecting the skins moisture barrier and reduce  the appearance of dark spots.

Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalising hand cream 

This offering from Holistic brand Weleda is a wonderful choice for anyone with really dry and depleted hands. It’s a rich cream with a surprisingly light texture which makes it quite soothing to rub in. This is designed for mature skin with ingredients that are meant to nourish the skin while boosting  firmness, elasticity and skintone.

The lush ingredients include one of my favourites … Shea butter which is great for pretty much everything, as well as organic evening primrose oil. Oh yes, and it has a lovely fragrance of evening primrose, sandalwood and magnolia.

This is a treat for dry hands and I think can be used by anyone. It’s really lovely when you apply it and then put treatment gloves on or wrap your hands in cling film for 1/2 and hour. As it’s quite rich, don’t use it if you have to write anything afterwards as it will leave a film … treat yourself to this indulgence when you can just relax.

Transformulas Youthful Hands Anti ageing hand plumping treatment

This hand cream is designed to do all that you’d expect, you know moisturising etc… but it also plumps the skin, helps with pigmentation issues, and fights wrinkles while creating an ‘invisible glove’ like barrier. It contains avocado peptides and vitamin E and again sinks into the skin easily.

Beauties, all of these hand creams are beautifully moisturising and I’m happy to use all of them long term. So if you have used any of these or if you try any, do let me know what you think.  Denise xx

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