What can I say about the 3107 Heart and Soul Deep Cleanser? It has stolen my heart and I am utterly obsessed. What an absolutely beautiful balm! Even the scent alone transports me into someplace else, beautifully scented by essential oils, it gives you a sensual boost that lifts your spirit and your mood. 

I love trying new cleansers and this one really made me stop, it’s something quite special to me. This 3107 balm is an oil-based cleanser and is quite thick, but just melts into the skin without feeling heavy or leaving behind any oily residue. I feel like it gives me a really deep clean but it is also intensely nourishing at the same time, so the skin isn’t left feeling stripped or dry. The founder, Dija, is a facialist so knows skin so well, and it shows in this gorgeous product. 

This product also works well as a mask, with a thick and almost grainy (although not at all scratchy) consistency – quite similar to the Pixi cleansing balm in fact, but it feels even more intense and aromatic. It is described as a makeup remover but it feels like waste to use this as a first cleanse to simply remove my makeup. This balm is so much more than just your average makeup cleanser, I much prefer to use this as a second cleanse in the evening, to cleanse my actual skin once my make-up has been removed.

What’s in it

What I really love the most about this cleanser is the fact that it is made up of 100% pure and natural oils – so I feel like my face is getting the best care with absolutely no nasties thrown in. It is completely pure, made up completely of a stunning blend of oils that work together to nourish, protect and cleanse the skin without stripping it or clogging the pores, perfectly balanced and utterly luxurious.

Some of the ingredients include: uplifting lemongrass and geranium which you can smell as soon as you open the pot. Lemongrass has healing properties and is known as an effective cleanser, plus the lemony scent will serve to stimulate, soothe and balance you. It also includes jojoba oil, apricot oil, castor oil and shea butter which all nourish and moisturise the skin. All these ingredients, alongside other beautiful oils, all work together to create this balm.

How to use

Warm a small amount on your fingers and gently massage into the skin. It warms up to the heat of your skin and just melts away. To steam your face and activate the essential oils, wet a flannel with warm water, hold it to your face for a moment and then gently buff the balm away. It can also be used as a mask on clean skin – best used when relaxing in a warm bath and should be left on for 20 minutes. You’ll be left with super-soft, clean skin!

I cannot be without this balm, I always feel like I’m giving myself a spa treatment when using it and it’s really like I’m treating myself. Such a luxurious product, I love it!

Jessica xx

Buy it for £34.99 from 3107Skincare here

Dija is also a facialist and we have featured here in our new section, the Wow Address Book. The review of her Artisan Facial is here.