Beauties, we’re here with a brand new Founders Talk and we’re here with Theresa Edward, founder of gorgeous skincare brand Skin Alchemists.
Skin Alchemists is a luxurious, performance-driven skincare brand whose roots lay in St Lucia. The brand is passionate about the use of potent active botanicals for their transformative power. This brand is about ingredients, lovingly harvested fresh, organic plant ingredients, natural minerals and aromatherapy blended to have a transformative impact on skin and wellbeing…everything in the range is created to appeal to your senses and to ultimately boost your wellbeing.

Beauties, we hope that you loved our Founders Talk interview with Theresa, the wonderful founder of Skin Alchemists… if you’re interested in finding out more about their products, here’s our review of two of their products – their cleansing oil ‘The Humble Warrior’ and their facial oil “Sesenne Rejuvenating Facial Elixir”.

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