Who doesn’t want to keep their pits fresh? But many products on the market are filled with chemical nasties which aren’t so great! So we’ve found a few that do the job without being damaging to the skin. These natural deodorants will help you feel dry and nourished, formulated with natural ingredients without compromising on the results and still allow your skin to breathe.

Black Chicken Deodorant Paste

This paste is free from sweat gland-blocking chemicals. This means it’ll keep your underarms fresh without inhibiting your body’s ability to expel toxins. It has a blend of antibacterial coconut, nourishing shea butter and camellia tea (an anti-irritant) which dispels smells. It also contains the arrowroot and kaolin clay absorbs moisture. Using the tip of your index finger, collect a pea-sized amount and rub it in until it disappears. Using a paste is certainly interesting, but once you get the hang of it, it works a treat.

Tisserand ‘Lavender and White Mint’ and ‘Rose and Geranium’ Deodorant

It is fragranced with 100% natural pure essential oils so will leave you smelling lovely. Tisserand is known for the essential oil scents, so for those of you who like their products to smell good, this is one for you. It has the classic roller-ball format. Please note that it states on their website that the total product contains ‘99% natural origin, and 1% mild but effective preservative required to keep products in top condition’. Sometimes this is necessary to keep the products stable and last long enough for you to use them.

Cowshed Cow Pit Deodorant Spray

This spray contains organic aloe vera and shea butter soothe and condition skin, along with peppermint, spearmint and lemongrass essential oils to give it a refreshing scent. It lasts really well and conditions and soothes the skin, particularly useful if you shave as this can cause irritation. This one also comes in a cream format, but we find that the spray is great and quick, particularly if you want a quick refresh during the day.

What are you favourite natural deodorants?

Black Chicken Remedies Deodorant for $19.50 from Black Chicken Remedies
Tisserand Deodorant for £5.75 from Tisserand
Cowshed Deodorant for £12 from CowShed

(*PR gift/sample)

The original form of this post first appeared in the Wow Beauty Holistic Special